Justin Manning TweetChat

GigEmNation recently solicited questions from fans via Twitter for ESPN 150 defensive tackle and Texas A&M commitment Justin Manning. Then GigEmNation's Sam Khan Jr. visited with Manning to ask him the questions the fans wanted answers to. Here's the Q&A with the nation's ninth-ranked defensive tackle, who chose the Aggies over Oklahoma and TCU:

@mikey_esquivel: What made you choose A&M?

Justin Manning: "Just the whole recruiting class. It couldn't have been better timing and a better school. I just felt like everything was perfect. I love the coaching staff and the whole recruiting class."

@rchgrca: As a HS recruit/commit in the SEC, how do you see the Big 12 now and in the future?

JM: "I can just base off of what other people say about the Big 12, that it's basically a skill position conference, I guess. [I think the SEC] is a little more smashmouth football and it's bigger, stronger and faster."

@RojasAbn15: Are you ready to go lights out in the maroon uniform?

JM: "Oh yes. For sure."

@grant_perry8: Which SEC stadium, other than Kyle Field, are you most excited about playing in?

JM: "I don't know that I would be excited to play in any other stadium. I would probably be more uncomfortable than excited. But I could use their energy as a positive. The chance to play in any of those stadiums excites me because it'll make me feel like I made it."

@TAMU12thman: Do you think you can be a freshman All-American?

JM: "Yeah, I think I can be a freshman All-American. It will take a lot of dedication and fewer distractions. I can't have any distractions. I have to have my life into Texas A&M football in order to be a freshman All-American."

@dslam25: Are you ready to show the world what just a few people already know?

JM: "I don't think the world is ready to see what's going to happen in the next few years. I don't think they're ready."