Chat wrap: Talking 'Johnny Football'

GigEmNation writer Sam Khan Jr. chatted with readers on Friday about Texas A&M football and recruiting. Here's the full transcript of the chat. The Aggies are off this week and are awaiting their bowl game destination, which appears to be the Capital One Bowl, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy. Here's an excerpt from Friday's chat which included talk about potential bowl games, Heisman Trophy candidate Johnny Manziel and how the Aggies will close out the 2013 recruiting class:

Mike (San Diego): In the history of the Heisman only 3 defensive players have won and a freshman has never won. Do you think with those facts the Heisman is a given with Manziel's numbers, the conference he plays in, and the fact that he beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa?

Sam Khan Jr.: Mike, I don't know that I'd go so far to say "it's a given," but I think Johnny Manziel is the frontrunner at the moment and I don't know if anybody can knock him from that perch between now and when the ballots are due. Based on the buzz you hear from across the country, it seems like he has won over a lot of folks, despite his freshman classification. And I think it's because of the last couple things you mentioned: the conference he plays in (the SEC) and the "Heisman moment" he had against Alabama.

Mack Brown (Austin): Sam, if A&M returns Joeckel, Moore and Matthews next season, are they a top 5 team?

Sam Khan Jr.: Mack, if they return all three of those guys, they might be a preseason top-3 team. Seriously. That would be huge for Texas A&M if all three of those guys came back. You would be discussing the real possibility of a BCS championship game run. They were five points away from being in that conversation this year.

Patrick (Houston): What are our chances with RSJ and Isaac Savaiinaea? Should we be worried about UCLA?

Sam Khan Jr.: Patrick, I think RSJ is the Aggies' to lose. LSU is still recruiting him hard but I think Texas A&M has the edge. Savaiinaea I think is a true coin-flip. He could go either-or. He loved the atmosphere in College Station but it's a long way (nine-hour flight) from home. He also said UCLA, climate-wise, kind of reminded him of home. No matter who he picks, I won't be surprised. He's been pretty upfront and really likes both places.