Big 12 mailbag: K-State's title chances, Ramon Richards and more

In this week's Big 12 Twitter mailbag, we discuss Kansas State's Big 12 title chances, Ramon Richards' move to safety in Stillwater and which ethnic cuisine is best.

We have one Big 12 team in the Elite Eight? Will we have a second?

On to the 'bag:

Trotter: Oklahoma State has the best group of receivers in the conference, by a landslide margin. In fact, I think the Cowboys might have the best receiver group in the country. For the moment, I would also rank Texas' receiving unit behind TCU's and Texas Tech's for sure, and probably Iowa State's and Kansas State's as well. The Longhorns have talent, for sure, but the production has been, well, lacking.

Trotter: They'll have to either beat the Sooners in Manhattan (something that's never happened since Bob Stoops took over at Oklahoma) or Oklahoma State in Stillwater (which hasn't happened this millennium, either). It's difficult to see K-State getting to the Big 12 title game without winning at least one of those two games.

Trotter: I wrote about this Thursday. The move actually makes me a little nervous for Oklahoma State. Not that Richards can't play safety. From that perspective alone, the move makes sense as it bolsters the pass coverage down the middle of the field. But moving Richards to safety also leaves Oklahoma State with literally no experience at corner. We saw with Oklahoma early last season how one unreliable corner can cause an entire defense to unravel. So I think in the end, the success of this experiment will hinge on what happens with those remaining corners.

Trotter: If Rodney Anderson can stay healthy -- he's coming off a pair of season-ending injuries -- then, yes. He looks the part. And that Oklahoma blocking group (offensive line plus fullback Dimitri Flowers plus tight end Mark Andrews) is going to be a load.

Trotter: Being Greek myself, I'm partial to Greek food. There's nothing better than lamb done right. Nothing. But after Greek, my favorite ethnic cuisines are Japanese (hibachi scallops!) and Mexican (by the way, guacamole is better than queso). Runner-up honors go to Thai (peanut sauce), German (schnitzel) and Italian (the old classic, spaghetti and meatballs).

Trotter: If you're talking about a traditional linear channel like the Big Ten or SEC networks, the answer is never. But a digital Big 12 network? The league is going to push hard to make that happen before the expiration of the grant of rights.

Trotter: Doubtful. They do, however, have the favorite for Big 12 Newcomer of the Year in QB Will Grier, provided that he's ruled eligible for the start of the season.

Trotter: Last I checked, Texas Tech's press box was not affected by the flames. So yes, Tech's press box is still No. 1.

Trotter: Going to give poor David a break this week. He's still reeling from the takedowns I've been handing him on here.

And yes, Baylor will survive and advance.