Big 12 mailbag: Patrick Mahomes, Boone Pickens and expansion

In this week's Big 12 Twitter mailbag, we discuss whether Baylor is the prohibitive conference favorite, why West Virginia doesn't get more respect, Boone Pickens' comments on Mike Gundy and the Patrick Mahomes injury Thursday night.

On to the 'bag:

@Jake_Trotter: I'm not ready to go there yet. I expect Baylor to get to 6-0 with little trouble. But a home win over Oklahoma State, in which the Cowboys fumbled on the go-ahead drive at the 1-yard line, is not enough for me to declare Baylor the flag-bearer. I still consider this conference race to be wide open with at least six teams capable of winning it, including, of course, the Bears.

@Jake_Trotter: It's sound like he's going to be OK, but I wouldn't be surprised if he misses a game or two. The good news for Tech is that Nic Shimonek looks like he's a more than capable backup. I think the hope is that Mahomes will be back in time for Oklahoma on Oct. 22, at the latest. We'll see.

@Jake_Trotter: Mike Holder and president Burns Hargis are in a tough spot. They're going to have to placate the egos of both Mike Gundy and Boone Pickens, whose relationship has deteriorated again into what appears to be an irreparable place. Holder and Hargis can't "afford" to scorn Pickens, nor should they -- Pickens, after all, is one of the major reasons why the Oklahoma State football program is where it is. But they also can't afford to alienate Gundy, either, considering he could begin to look around at other jobs again, and finding a replacement might not be as easy as some OSU fans want to believe. Honestly, it's a shame -- and rather difficult to understand why -- that Gundy and Pickens can't at least be cordial to one another and appreciate the impact that the other has brought to OSU.

@Jake_Trotter: Whatever it was, that percentage probably went up this week.

@Jake_Trotter: I'm for anything that gets the Aggies and Longhorns playing again.

@Jake_Trotter: Yes. Boise State has won a lot of games in recent years, but it has already been eliminated from the mix, due largely to its academic standing. BYU checks all the boxes and features a terrific football program, but the honor code/LGBT issues have prompted some in the league to sour on BYU's candidacy. As a reminder, these expansion deliberations aren't exclusively centered on football.

@Jake_Trotter: I'd probably have to go with TCU QB Kenny Hill as the Big 12's top newcomer so far (with Texas QB Shane Buechele as its top freshman).

@Jake_Trotter: Win more than five conference games in a season. That would be a start.

@Jake_Trotter: Incredibly, only once in the last 51 years has Oklahoma started 1-3 or worse (1996, when John Blake started 0-4). But no, Stoops will not be on the hot seat if the Sooners lose to TCU and Texas, even if the villagers become agitated again. Remember, OU went to the playoff last year. You can't fire someone coming off a playoff appearance. Especially not a coach who has delivered 13 double-digit winning seasons in the past 16 years.

@Jake_Trotter: I'm starting to fear maybe never.