Top 5 moments: McCoy to Shipley

HornsNation is counting down the top five moments of Texas’ 2012 season this week.

Play No. 2

The game: It was supposed to be a laughable matchup given that Kansas had yet to beat an FBS team and Texas was coming off a game in which it had scored 56. The Longhorns were hitting their stride, quarterback David Ash had settled in as the starter and the debacle that was Oklahoma had almost been forgotten. Then, in the fourth quarter, Texas found itself in a fight for its life and Longhorns coach Mack Brown quite possibly in a fight for his job.

The play: Down three, 17-14, Texas had 2:28 let, its backup quarterback Case McCoy in, its leading wide receiver, Mike Davis, out and was down to its last play. Faced with a fourth-and-6, McCoy dropped back and for once did not scramble, but instead stepped into a throw and hit Jaxon Shipley across the middle for 18 yards and a first down at the KU 47. Kansas had dropped eight into coverage, but Shipley found a spot between three defenders and McCoy put the ball where the sophomore wide receiver could slide and make the first down. From there McCoy hit Davis, who came back from his injury, for 38 yards down right side. The drive was finished off with a touchdown pass to D.J. Grant as Texas won 21-17.