Q&A: Arlington Bowie's Perry on Freeman

ESPN Watch List safety Edwin Freeman (Arlington, Texas/Bowie) typically has few words. He’d rather let his play do the talking and, boy, does it speak loudly.

So HornsNation went to Volunteers coach Kenny Perry to get a feel for where Freeman’s head is at with all of the schools coming his way.

Who is Ed Freeman to you?

I think he is an untapped commodity. I say that because he does something different every time we play. There is sometimes where he is a field-presence guy where you have to know where he is, and then there are other times when he makes a play when you need him to.

You played him at outside linebacker and safety this season. Why was that?

When we were playing him at safety, we just realized he wasn’t in the mix as much. Early, we weren’t a physical defense. So I put him in the box and toward the end of the year we designed a defense like the Steelers do with [Troy] Polamalu and put Edwin wherever we wanted. That ended up being great for us.

So where do you see him playing at the next level?

I think he is a hybrid. I think he is big enough to play linebacker and skilled enough to play safety. I think that is why Texas is so excited about him. They’ve flat-out said he is the guy they want. They said he is the guy they are looking for to fill that spot for Kenny Vaccaro.

Does he have any idea how good he is?

No. Not really. Being humble is his strength, to be honest with you. The thing I love about the kid is I think he would choose to be humble instead of being boisterous.

Has he always been that way?

Yeah, for as long as I’ve known him he has been. Here is a kid that has every reason to be the other way. Heck, he gets 50 letters a day.

What schools are going after him the most?

I think the top five would be Ohio State, USC, Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma. Those are the ones that if you had to ask him where he likes, he’d tell you those guys.

How do you see him making this decision?

The thing with my kids are, I don’t think he’ll play the process out where he is doing the hat thing. I think this spring he will go to some schools and then go back in the summer for the second time and then be done with it. I don’t see him playing it out.

What do you tell college coaches when they ask about him?

He’s a great teammate and a humble kid. Gosh, his presence is unbelievable. He knows it is not about him. We are in such a ‘me’ society. It’s not that way with him and that’s refreshing to me as a coach.

He does have a Texas offer, correct?

Oh yeah. Everyone in the state of Texas has offered him.