Chat wrap: Recruiting talk galore!

If you missed yesterday's HornsNation chat, you missed a lot of recruiting updates.

Here's the full chat wrap.

Here's some of the best stuff:

Derek (Indiana)

I know that Thomas Johnson decommitted and you previously said that you didn't think that would happen. What do you think the chances are he recommits? Also, What do you think the chances are we get Arik, DGB, or Mario Edwards?

Carter Strickland

This is an interesting one. I really did think Johnson would stay. Why would he leave an in-state program on the rise to go to Oregon or elsewhere? Well, because he is 17. There is a bit of a back story to this. Johnson told Texas he wanted to make an official to another school on the 20th. Texas said they wanted him to come to Austin for an unofficial that weekend and if he didn't things might not be so great. He chose not to make the unofficial and decommited.