Ash limits interceptions, shows maturity

David Ash is limiting interceptions in the spring, which might bode well in 2013. Cal Sport Media via AP Images

AUSTIN, Texas -- David Ash has not thrown an interception in eight practices.

Now, in the past that would be cause to strike up the Showband of the Southwest, fire Smokey the cannon a couple times and even suffer through a few too many playings of "Jump Around." (OK, strike that last one. No amount of success deserves such Pavlovian and repetitious jubilation. Note to DKR personnel: It works once and once only. Not after every play.)

Ah, but Ash is all about the future now. Good thing too because he is the future for Texas. The rising junior has finally stepped past all the quarterback controversy and into the starting role. And his future, brace yourself, is laced with expectations, expectations beyond just managing a game and not throwing an interception.