Great State Debate Day 2: College QBs

Great State Debate college quarterbacks ESPN.com Illustration

The ESPN HS Great State Debate continues with a look at states that are producing the best college quarterbacks.

With names like Darron Thomas, Andrew Luck and Case Keenum in the mix, it's no surprise that Texas is doing well.

As part of today's package, Mark Schlabach looks at how Alabama has succeeded with in-state talent. He also looks at the pressure of in-state recruiting and the importance of signing big names within the state.

Here's a sample:

As much as any FBS programs in the country, Alabama and Auburn have traditionally relied on homegrown prospects to lead their football teams. Over the past 25 seasons, 10 of the 15 players who have started more than one game at quarterback for the Crimson Tide were from Alabama high schools. Auburn has had five Alabama natives start at quarterback during the past 15 seasons.

For a state with a much smaller population (4.8 million) than recruiting hotbeds like California, Texas, Florida and Ohio, Alabama has produced its share of great quarterbacks. Former Alabama quarterback Bart Starr, who played at Sidney Lanier High in Montgomery, Ala., led the Green Bay Packers to victories in Super Bowls I and II. Former Crimson Tide quarterback Ken Stabler, from Foley, Ala., led the Oakland Raiders to a victory in Super Bowl XI.