Quarterback questions continue

So far Texas has seen two quarterbacks decide to transfer when it became clear they would not be the starter.

That has left Texas with only two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster -- Case McCoy and David Ash. During his questions and answer session with the media Monday, co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin was asked if one were named the starter, did he fear that another defection may occur. Here is his answer:

"What I think about those two guys, is I think they are both competitors. If one guy is considered the guy then the other guys is going to continue to compete. And you’re one play away. We will do what’s best for our football team and those guys understand that. If that competition brings one guy into the starting role as the main guy, then I think the guy that’s the backup is going to continue to compete and be ready to go."

Texas does have another quarterback on the way in Connor Brewer. It’s also worth noting that Ash and McCoy have not used their redshirt seasons, so they could transfer and not lose a year of playing time.

To see such a scenario play out during this season, however, would be highly unlikely.