New deal could mean milestones for Brown

Mack Brown has his contract extension. The new deal could keep him on the 40 Acres until 2020.

The contract also affords Brown the opportunity to reach and surpass some coaching milestones if he were to stay the entire nine years.

Currently Brown has 141 wins at Texas, an average of 10 per year. Assuming he stays at or near that average -- a relatively safe assumption considering Brown has had one losing season since 1990 -- Brown could very soon surpass Texas icon Darrell Royal in wins. Royal had 167 wins in his tenure. So Brown could probably pass Royal sometime in the 2014 season.

As for other milestones, here are just a few that Brown could reach if he stays until the end of his contract:

300 wins: Currently there are 10 coaches with 300 career wins. Brown has 227 in his 28-year career. Again assuming he stays at his averages, Brown could hit the 300-win mark in the final season of his contract. Ten wins a season would put him at 317 wins, or eighth on the all-time list just behind Pop Warner and his 318 wins. Nine wins a season would give Brown 308 total victories and put him ninth on the list just ahead of Frosty Westerling.

23 seasons: Brown is currently the third-longest tenured coach in FBS. Larry Blakeney has been at Troy since 1991. Frank Beamer has been at Virginia Tech since 1987. In a few years Brown could take over the spot at the longest tenured coach. Blakeney is 64. He is an icon at Troy, but he did just suffer his first losing season since 2005, so it is tough to tell how long he will stay.

Beamer, who is 65, just received a contract extension through 2016. If that is his final contract Brown should surpass him, provided Brown stays past the 2016 season.

If Brown does stay for the next nine seasons he will became the longest-tenured Texas coach, surpassing the 20 years Royal spent on the sideline.

Winning percentage: Brown has a .667 win percentage over his first 28 years in coaching. Even if Brown were to average 10 wins over the next nine seasons to up his winning percentage to roughly 71 percent, he doesn’t stand a chance to make in the dent of the all-time list of coaches with the top winning percentage.

From five to one those coaches are: Doyt Perry (.885), Bowling Green; Bob Reade .862, Augustana College; Frank Leahy (.864) Notre Dame and Boston College; Knute Rockne (.891) Notre Dame’ Larry Kehres (.926) Mount Union.