Going deep with Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State, for all its running up and down the field and scoring, is actually not slinging the ball deep as much as it has in the past.

Quarterback Brandon Weeden has cut his attempts of 25 yards or more in half from a season ago. Last year he attempted 3.6 passes of 25 yards or more per game. This season he is attempting 1.8.

Weeden connects on 33 percent of his passes of 25 yards or more. But he has yet to throw a touchdown pass where the ball traveled 25 yards or more in the air. He threw eight such touchdowns a season ago.

Still wide receiver Justin Blackmon does lead all FBS receivers in touchdowns of 20 yards or more since the start of 2010. He has 13. Kendall Wright of Baylor also has 13.

Interestingly the top four wide receivers with touchdowns of 20 yards or more since the start of 2010 are all from the state of Texas. Aside from the aforementioned Blackmon and Wright, Patrick Edwards of Houston has 11. Kris Adams of UTEP also has 11.

That stat lends credence to what Texas secondary coach Duane Akina said Wednesday: "It’s been much like when I was in the Pac-10 for all those years," Akina said of the Big 12. "It’s changed to a much more receiver, quarterback dominated league like the Pac-10 when I was there, and it has been a lot of fun to work in."