Big 12 mailbag: Knight and title chances

In today’s mailbag, we discuss Trevor Knight, Kansas State’s opener and my indomitable Big 12 fantasy team. Quick reminder, keep your mailbag submissions to less than 75 words, if you want them to be posted. I received a few novellas this week.

To the 'bag:

BaylorBear13 in Houston writes: This is a little late, but Jake and Brandon, welcome to the Big 12 blog! Thank you for all the work that y’all do; it doesn't go unnoticed! Looking forward to a fun season with you guys!! Go Big 12!

Jake Trotter: Thanks for the kind greeting, Bear. We’re excited to be here.

Rhonda in Hanford, Calif., writes: What can you tell me about Trevor Knight?

Jake Trotter: I had a conversation with a recent former OU player who said Knight reminds him of Colin Kaepernick. I think that’s a decent comparison. Knight has tremendous straight-line speed. If he catches a seam, he’s gone, just like Kaepernick.

KSU1999 in Oklahoma writes: I can’t understand why I’m a little worried and please help me feel better -- for crying out loud it’s NORTH DAKOTA STATE! I know they are champions and return a lot of starters but it’s an FCS team. Hopefully I’m just super paranoid. Question is, should I be this paranoid?

Jake Trotter: You sound like a paranoid person anyway, but I’m here to help. I picked K-State to win, but the game makes me a little nervous for the Wildcats, too. The Bison are an FCS powerhouse and have beaten Colorado State, Minnesota and Kansas the last three years. This is not an FCS team you want to trifle with. By the way, the Big 12 scheduled some of the better teams in the FCS this weekend. Northern Iowa (Iowa State) and Wofford (Baylor) can both play, too.

Mr. Sims in Morgantown writes: Mr. Trotter, by skimming through the article on the fantasy draft, I said whoever took me was going to win, then I get there and see you have Kevin White and Dreamius Smith, too? You my friend will find a lot of happiness with those picks. Now just make your way to Morgantown please. The Mountaineer keeps bugging me about giving you Big 12 bloggers deer jerky. That guy loves him some roasted meat.

Jake Trotter: I agree, my Big 12 fantasy team looks like a juggernaut, especially with you in my flex. My guess is that Chatmon and Olson will be battling it out for second place. I actually tired the Mountaineer’s jerky at Big 12 media days. It had some kick.

Ryan writes: Which teams according to their schedules do you believe will get off to the hottest start in the Big 12?

Jake Trotter: Baylor is the team that could really benefit. The Bears will be favored in at least six of their first seven games. If the Bears can jump out to 7-0, they become a Big 12 contender, even if the November schedule turns brutal.

Dylan Grensky in Tulsa, Okla., writes: If a team from the Big 12 (OSU, TCU, Texas or OU) manages to win out, what do you think the chances are they move past an unbeaten Ohio State? And how likely is it the BCS puts a one-loss SEC team ahead of them?

Jake Trotter: All four of the Big 12 teams you mentioned would have marquee non-conference wins in the scenario you lay out (OSU over Mississippi State, TCU over LSU, Texas over Ole Miss and BYU, OU over Notre Dame). So that would help. The Big Ten meanwhile doesn’t appear to have any other powerhouse teams, so a Big 12 unbeaten would have a chance to slip in over Ohio State thanks to strength of schedule. It’s difficult, however, to envision the SEC getting snubbed out of title game appearance even if the SEC champ had one loss. More likely, in your scenario, it would be the SEC vs. either Ohio State or a Big 12 undefeated.