Chat wrap: Top QB, UT's D, KU upset?

I appreciate all the questions during my chat. You can read the full transcript here.

Nate (Houston): Do you think TCU is still a Big 12 title contender after losing Casey?

Brandon: Yes. Anytime you can play defense like TCU, you can win titles. The key will be how much Boykin progresses and will he stay healthy. He put himself in a couple of bad positions last week, like trying to hurdle defenders, that could end up badly if he's not careful. I'm not counting TCU out due to the Pachall injury.

Nicholas74230 (San Antonio): What are your expectations for Greg Robinson and this Texas D going into Ole Miss? This is of course not asking if he has already fixed the tackling issue, just asking what scheme you think we will be seeing this weekend if any different.

Brandon: Very low. He hasn't had time to do much and players are talking about teaching him the defense. I doubt you'll see him put his stamp on things until further down the line.

Jeff (Holley): Who is your top QB in the conference through 2 weeks?

Brandon: Baker Mayfield. The Texas Tech QB gets the nod over Bryce Petty because I think he's played better competition. Fortunately we don't have to pick a top QB yet, there's plenty of more football to be played and we'll see how it all plays out. But, for me, Mayfield's the guy as of today.

Phil (DC): How bout them Jayhawks? How many games do you think KU can win this year?

Brandon: It's too early to say, they've only played one game. That said, I think KU has an upset win this season that surprises everyone in the Big 12 and impacts the conference title race.

Allison (Houston): Buffalo held their own against Ohio St. the week before Baylor's blowout. Why aren't people giving the Bears more credit?

Brandon: I've given them credit Allison, come on... but to answer your question, I think some people just don't want to respect what Baylor has done because they see them coming and know they're going to be a problem, this year and beyond... So, deny, deny, deny.