Chat wrap: BU, Blake Bell, upset alert?

Thanks for all of your questions during today's chat. You can read the full transcript here.

William (Dallas) How many points does Baylor score on the WVU defense this week?

Brandon Chatmon I'd expect the Bears to put up some points, I'll say at least 35 points but I don't expect them to approach their season average of 69.7 points. I don't expect the complete domination we've seen from BU in the first few outings.

Blake (Houston) Big 12 champ(s) will have _____ losses in conference play.

Brandon Chatmon at least 1 loss, no undefeated Big 12 champion this season.

Chuck (WVU) Which upset is most likely to happen this weekend: ISU over UT, TCU over OU, KSU over OSU, WVU over Baylor, or KU over TTU? I think any of them could happen.

Brandon Chatmon Chuck, I think any of those could happen as well but I'd say WVU and KU face the longest odds. If I had to pick one game, I'd say TCU but I don't expect the Horned Frogs to knock off the Sooners. I think OU is pretty focused and will pull out the win. I also expect Texas and Oklahoma State to find a way to win as well.

Christopher Lambert (Virginia Beach, VA) I'm not yet sold on Baylor as a contender, not just because the lack of competition (didn't help OSU), but because their schedule. Not the beginning … but from now on. They've just used their 2nd bye week. That means from now until Dec. 7 & Texas, they will play every single week with no rests in between. Injuries will probably start to happen, along with fatigue from playing actual physical football that they haven't come across yet. Your thoughts?

Brandon Chatmon You bring up an excellent point Christopher, one thing people tend to overlook is the fact champions are often defined by their depth, good teams become great when backups can perform like starters when needed. Thus, I think we will find out just how far Baylor has come if the injury bug starts to hit BU. It's one of the reasons I don't expect a undefeated Big 12 champion this year.

Omarvelous (Houston) Do you think Texas has the talent and a chance to run the table in the Big 12? If Texas does run the table and finishes exceptionally strong, while all other teams have at least one loss. Is there a NC possibility?

Brandon Chatmon Omarvelous … great name. But, Texas? National title? Word? I didn't expect to see those words together today. So thanks for that. Um, don't hold your breath.

Matt (Philly) A chat with a guy named Chatmon? That's like a library cop named Bookman!

Brandon Chatmon I'm going to Jason Singer's concert later tonight. Would you like to join me?

Tony (Richmond, CA) Will this week's game versus TCU's excellent secondary be more of a true indicator of where Blake Bell stands right now as a passer in this Sooners offense than his previous two starts?

Brandon Chatmon I'd say so. But I wouldn't put it all on Bell. I think the receivers will have to stand up and send a message as well. If they can't get open, it will make things much more difficult on Bell. But to answer your question I think this could be one of the toughest tests of Bell's accuracy this season.

Matthew (Austin) At this point who do you have as the favorite to win the Big 12: OU, BU or a dark horse?

Brandon Chatmon Right now, my favorite is OU. But I'd take the field in any betting situation. The Sooners aren't light years ahead of anyone and I think BU beats OU at home, I just think the Bears might have a stumble or two.

Chase (Dallas) We all talk about who will take home the Big 12 trophy. But what about the Sacko? Who is going to reside at spot number 10 at the end of the season?

Brandon Chatmon Kansas … sorry Jayhawks! But, hey, I love Andrew Wiggins. Anyone want to talk about how awesome he's going to be?