More from 2013 QB Tyrone Swoopes

We talked to Tyrone Swoopes for today’s big junior day preview -- find that here if you haven’t read it yet -- but here’s a few more nuggets from my chat with him earlier this week:

• Make no mistake, Swoopes is Jake Raulerson’s No. 1 target for this 2013 recruiting class. Swoopes said he’s already received several Facebook messages from the Texas commit.

“I’m sure he’ll be down there this weekend trying to talk me into going,” Swoopes said.

Texas co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin and co-recruiting coordinator Bruce Chambers have been Swoopes’ lead recruiters.

• Harsin has made it clear that Swoopes is his No. 1 target at the quarterback position. “He was just saying they need a quarterback and that he thinks I can fill the hole they need,” Swoopes said. “But we’ll see.”

• Swoopes attended Baylor’s junior day on Jan. 29. It’s no surprise coach Art Briles made the success of Robert Griffin III one of his biggest pitches during the visit, but he and his assistants also sold Swoopes on the chance to play right away.

“They told me they don’t carry very many quarterbacks -- they have three on the roster right now and that’s all they’ll have -- so I thought that was pretty good. That means I’ll probably have a good chance of playing if I do go there.”

• What is Swoopes looking for in the right college? “Being comfortable with the atmosphere, the town, the campus, coaches, players. Of course, I’d like to run the spread and I’ve been doing that stuff since 7th grade. I’m open to anything, really, but I’d prefer the spread if I had a choice of what I wanted to do.”

• Swoopes has been hearing from Ohio State a lot this week and does have out-of-state offers from the Buckeyes, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Stanford and Notre Dame among many others. I’ve also heard talk that he’s been offered by Alabama and Auburn.

“It feels good to know people are looking at me,” he said. “Must mean I’m doing something right.”

• A factor worth considering when we discuss Swoopes’ timeline for making a decision: Official visits. Right now, he would like to take all five of his officials this fall. They’re an important part of his decision-making process. At the same time, though, Swoopes admitted he won’t take any official visits after he does choose a school. How exactly does that affect his decision date? Hard to say. My best guess is this: If Swoopes doesn’t reach a firm decision by the end of the summer, he’ll open things up, take his visits and figure it all out after his senior season.

• Swoopes said in the story he doesn’t feel any pressure to pull the trigger with a commitment any time soon. He’s not a fan of the idea of making a decision this early.

“I think it’s just kind of quick,” he said. “I guess they can do what they want. It’s quick to make a decision like that without going through the full process.”

• Lastly, I asked Swoopes how, in the sea of all these recruiters heaping love and praise on him, he figures out which guys he trusts. If every college coach tells you what you want to hear, what sets the good ones apart? Swoopes is trying to find a recruiter who genuinely cares about him and isn’t just delivering the same old pitch.

“They don’t just ask about the football aspect of everything. They ask how my family is doing, how basketball is going, how I’m doing personally. That’s what sets them apart.”