Big 12 fantasy football: Week 9

Just because Brandon Chatmon had Jake Heaps and the now-benched J.W. Walsh as his quarterbacks didn’t stop him from putting up big points and earning a Week 9 win in our Big 12 fantasy football league.

Led by breakout performances from receivers Tyler Lockett of Kansas State and Oklahoma’s Jalen Saunders, Brandon put up 136 points and earned his third win of the season. The Oklahoma State defense also came up big with 21 points.

And he got 7 points from Heaps, who he has since dropped. Next week, he’ll roll with either Clint Chelf or Casey Pachall at QB.

Jake Trotter finished second with 122 thanks to big games from Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty, Texas Tech receiver Eric Ward and OU running back Damien Williams. He might’ve won the week if not for a zero-point performance from the TCU defense.

In last place was my team with 108, despite a big showing from Tech quarterback Davis Webb. Refusing to sign a new tight end -- because there aren’t many others worth signing -- has not been a smart move.

The highest-scoring Big 12 player in Week 9 was OSU running back Desmond Roland with 45 points. That was a big surprise, but guess who was the No. 1 fantasy quarterback in the nation this weekend? SMU’s Garrett Gilbert, with a whopping 58 points.

Here’s how our rosters fared in Week 9:

Brandon Chatmon’s Team

QB Jake Heaps, KU -- 7

RB Lache Seastrunk, BAY -- 16

RB Johnathan Gray, TEX -- 9

FLEX Jakeem Grant, TTU -- 16

WR Tyler Lockett, KSU -- 29

WR Jalen Saunders, OU -- 27

TE Jimmay Mundine, KU -- 3

D Oklahoma State defense -- 21

K Michael Hunnicutt, OU -- 8

Total: 136

Jake Trotter’s Team

QB Bryce Petty, BAY -- 31

RB Damien Williams, OU -- 24

RB Charles Sims, WVU -- 9

FLEX Brennan Clay, OU -- 4

WR Eric Ward, TTU -- 22

WR Sterling Shepard, OU -- 4

TE Jace Amaro, TTU -- 11

DEF TCU defense -- 0

K Aaron Jones, BAY -- 11

Total: 122

Max Olson’s Team

QB Davis Webb, TTU -- 23

RB John Hubert, KSU -- 15

RB Kenny Williams, TTU -- 13

FLEX James Sims, KU -- 7

WR Tevin Reese, BAY -- 23

WR Kevin White, WVU -- 5

TE Blake Jackson, OSU -- 0

DEF Baylor defense - 10

K Anthony Fera, Texas -- 12

Total: 108

Season Leaderboard

1. Max: 979

2. Jake: 970

3. Brandon: 868