Flipping Out: Trading conferences

Time to get my Texas two-step down pat in the next two days as I leave the comforts of home for a bit of the unknown.

This weekend, bloggers across ESPN.com are trading places with their counterparts, allowing us each a look at what makes college football special in different parts of the country.

Now normally I, Andrea Adelson, write about the ACC. But this weekend I get to experience Big 12 country at Texas. I am thrilled about the trip for a variety of reasons. First, I have covered the SEC, ACC and Big East during my career. I have never been to a Big 12 game, nor have I ever been to Austin, nor have I been to the Texas campus. Quite a trifecta!

Second, "Friday Night Lights" happens to be one of my favorite shows of all time, so I might just be a fan girl and find some of the famous sites where Coach Taylor stared down his players. "Clear eyes, full hearts ..."

Third, I want to eat. A lot. While listening to good music and watching Georgia Tech-Clemson on Thursday night.

I have heard so many great things about Austin itself, from the music to the food (wait, I already mentioned that), but I am most eager to get a first-hand look at the Texas football experience itself. I have been to some of the best college atmospheres in the country at Florida, LSU, Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson, so I am excited to see how Texas compares. But I also want to know -- what makes being a fan at Texas different from all the rest? And am I allowed to pet Bevo?

So where should I go? Whom should I meet? What should I see? Help this Florida gal, Jake!

Jake Trotter: Andrea, you’re going to love Austin. That’s assuming you love great food, great music, great weather and a great college football atmosphere.

Before moving to Oklahoma, I actually lived and worked in Austin for a year. And picking a great place to eat in Austin is like picking Jameis Winston’s best pass this season. There are many. I could recommend a hundred different places and guarantee you a phenomenal meal. I’ll let the readers send you their suggestions. Just make sure you grab a taco for breakfast and a barbecue plate for lunch before leaving town. Austin also has the greatest collection of coffee shops of any place I’ve ever been to. If you like coffee the way I do, you’ll be in heaven.

Nightlife in Austin is also second to none.

Texas country (far superior to Nashville country) will be strumming everywhere, from the Continental Club on South Congress to Stubb’s BBQ on Red River Street. You should also check out Fourth, Fifth and Sixth streets, which comprise the entertainment mecca of the Southwest (enter Sixth at your own risk).

The daylife in Austin is pretty spectacular, too.

If you get the chance, take a drive through the Hill Country, or take a walk along Austin’s downtown running trails.

I checked the weather forecast for you, too. It might rain a little. But otherwise, it should be gorgeous as usual, with a high of 77 and low of 59 over the weekend. So bring your jacket, but leave your coat.

There’s also a pretty big game in Austin this weekend. A game with major Big 12 title implications on the line.

Before the game, make sure to check out Bevo’s pen -- just don’t get too close.

Other than that, there’s not much you can’t do in Austin. But there’s a whole heck of a lot you can. Have a blast.

To send Andrea other suggestions about what to do at Texas, send them to her mailbag or tweet her @aadelsonESPN.