Chat wrap: Jr. day and spring football talk

HornsNation's Max Olson stopped by to chat yesterday. He answered a lot of your questions about Texas' first junior day and what lies ahead in spring football.

Here's the full chat.

Take a look at some of the best questions:

Jimmy K (Toronto)

Thoughts on zero 1st Junior Day committments? I'm actually fine with it because I want the 'Horns to be sure they are getting the best of the best. Plus, I figured there would be a drop off considering the possible lack of freshman playing time after these last two recruiting classes.

Max Olson

The lack of commitments from Sunday did surprise a lot of Texas recruiting writers and analysts, but I won't say I was shocked. A lot of kids said they were going to wait it out and that they still wanted to visit Oklahoma, Oklahoma State or Texas A&M in the next few weeks. I do think, to answer your question, that Texas fans should not be worried just yet. The coaches definitely went for the best of the best with their first junior day, and that's promising considering some of the overhyped guys they took in past classes just because the kid was going to say yes right away.

Shane (San Marcos, Texas)

Looking at the 2012 schedule for the longhorns I can see them going 9-3. What do you think their record will be?

Max Olson

Shane, that's probably my guess too. I look at that schedule and say there's 7 wins and 5 swing games: West Virginia, Oklahoma, TCU, Kansas State and Oklahoma State/Iowa State. If Texas comes out hot - and they absolutely have to when you look at those first three Big 12 games - they'll have a shot at a 10-win season. If this team beats Oklahoma, they'll get on a roll.