Big 12 mailbag

In today’s mailbag, Ahmad Dixon’s hit is rehashed and bowl scenarios are discussed.

To the 'bag:

Ross in Dallas writes: Ahmad Dixon showed no remorse after a targeting hit that could have greatly injured a player, and he went online after the game to reiterate his lack of contrition. Do you think this increases the risk that he will do something like that again against UT or in a bowl?

Trotter: Not really, though Gary Patterson would probably tell you different. Dixon is going to sit out the first half on Saturday, which will give him plenty of time to think about the targeting hit.

Dennis in Arlington, Texas, writes: TCU coach Gary Patterson being angry at the hit wasn't wrong. It was a bad hit and Dixon deserved the targeting penalty. But calling Art Briles "not classy" went way over the line. Considering Patterson's team has had some major drug issues recently, I don't think TCU has any room to be insulting Baylor.

Trotter: I actually understand what Patterson was trying to do. He was sticking up for his player, and he wanted to show his fan base that TCU would not be backing down from Baylor on the field or the recruiting trail. But the timing of it was not good, considering the tragedy in the Briles family.

Doug Kearns in Sugar Land, Texas, writes: I would like to see Gary Patterson held accountable for his lack of class. Briles' brother just died and he was just going to bat for one of his players. He is giving TCU a reputation for being sore losers.

Trotter: Maybe the silver lining out of this will be a revived TCU-Baylor rivalry. After two rounds of conference realignment, the Big 12 needs more rivalries.

Andrew in Duncan, Okla., writes: If Mike Gundy gives Clint Chelf a real chance and doesn't pull him after two series against Mississippi State, this team is undefeated and most likely playing OU to go to the national championship. What do you think?

Trotter: I can’t disagree. I believe Oklahoma State beats West Virginia with Chelf at quarterback. The Cowboys had no passing attack that game. Now, whether they would be ahead of Ohio State or the SEC champ in the BCS is another discussion.

Kyle in Enid, Okla., writes: Hey Jake, love the blog. K-State alum and big fan. I have always wondered what has kept Bill Snyder in Manhattan? I understand why he stays now with his name on the stadium and close to retirement. But when he had success earlier in his career, why didn't a big-time program try to pick him up?

Trotter: That’s an interesting question. I don’t know the answer. But it will be something I will broach with coach Snyder down the line.

Christmas in Longhornville writes: What is the best scenario involving a Texas win vs. Baylor that gets two teams in the BCS? Is it even possible?

Trotter: It’s unlikely, but possible. The scenario would be if Northern Illinois lost to Bowling Green -- sending UCF to the Fiesta -- and Oklahoma routed Oklahoma State to become the Sugar Bowl’s at-large selection.

Jerry in Virginia writes: Jake, the blog is great, and I’m surprised I've kept reading it in the midst of one of WVU’s worst seasons in decades. I do, however, have to ask why are you all the only people in the media that seem to give Charles Sims much love?

Trotter: It’s always difficult to get noticed when playing on a bad team, which West Virginia was this year. Don’t worry. I have a feeling Sims will be getting plenty of love on our end-of-season teams.

Chris in Cedar Falls, Iowa, writes: Excitement has returned to Ames. We have the $25 million donation for the stadium expansion, and how about the two wins to close out the season? So, who do you think Iowa State should hire as its new offensive coordinator to keep the excitement going?

Trotter: I have no idea what direction Paul Rhoads is leaning. But here are a couple of interesting names Rhoads might consider: Dave Christensen and Mark Mangino. Christensen was just fired as the head coach at Wyoming but had success calling offense during the Chase Daniel years at Missouri. Mangino won a national title at Oklahoma as the Sooners' offensive coordinator. He also took Kansas to the Orange Bowl, a feat that looks all the more insurmountable today. Mangino has a checkered past. But there’s no doubt he can coach.

Jack in Atlanta writes: Why is Texas predicted to go to the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl and Oklahoma, the Alamo Bowl? Texas has the better conference record and they have the head-to-head.

Trotter: Texas went to the Alamo last year, and OU has never been.

J.L. in New Orleans writes: Who has been more of a disappointment, TCU – which has fallen short due to drug problems and poor offensive calling -- or West Virginia – which had three of the best players in Big 12 history and only went 7-6?

Trotter: I’d give the disappointment edge to West Virginia. TCU, no doubt, has been a bust so far. But losing QB Casey Pachall for the better part of two seasons really hurt that team. West Virginia was ranked in the top five last year, then inexplicably fell apart the second half of the season. This year, the Mountaineers lost to Iowa State and Kansas -- two teams TCU at least beat.