Jake Raulerson to have surgery Tuesday

Longhorns defensive end commitment Jake Raulerson (Celina, Texas/Celina) can’t breathe out of his left nostril.

He has a deviated septum and tonsils “the size of golf balls” that makes it nearly impossible to sleep. If he does, it only lasts for about four hours per night.

So Raulerson, Texas’ first commitment of 2013, will have surgery to fix these issues on Tuesday and the results should only make him stronger and better on the football field. In fact, doctors have told him he’ll be a “new person.”

“It’s pretty amazing when you think about it,” said his father, Jay Raulerson. “He has a deviated septum, tonsils the size of golf balls and he can’t breath through his nose and never has. One of his friends calls him Darth Vader because he can’t get any air through his nose.

“He doesn’t sleep. So the doctors said to not be surprised if he gains 20 or 30 pounds once he starts breathing because you grow at night.”

The surgery will consist of the removal of his tonsils and adenoids. He’ll rest for a week and won’t be able to workout for a week after that. But once he recovers doctors believe he should gain significant mass to a frame that already stands 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds.

It should also increase his energy, which, for a player known for having a nonstop motor, could be a scary thing for future opponents.

“What’s amazing is he plays 100 plays a game and the doctors said his energy and stamina should increase significantly,” Jay said. “Someone goes, ‘To what?’ He’s excited. You always dread surgery. But he is excited about the potential because he saw the difference it made in his sister.”

The whole reason Jake is having this surgery is because of his older sister, Jordan.

“She was snoring to the point where her college roommates were like, ‘You need to get something fixed,’” Jay said. “So we took her to an ENT in Dallas and said that she needed to get her tonsils out. She went back to school and started practicing volleyball and said she couldn’t believe the difference.”

Despite the surgery and week of recovery, Jake still has aspirations to make it down to Texas’ second junior day on Feb. 25 to help the Longhorns recruit. Jay said he’d take him down to Austin if he’s improved enough by Saturday.

“But he’s going to have to be tougher than his sister and that’s going to be tough to do,” Jay said.