Chat wrap: Charlie Strong, Gilbert's stock

Thanks for your questions during my chat, you can find the full transcript here.

ChrisJ a.k.a. The Prophet (Houston) What's up Brandon "Big Money" Chatmon? I don't know how to feel about the Strong hire. Part of me is excited, but the other part is a little scared for the guy. As Longhorn Nation we have unrealistic expectations, but I think he is the one to take us to the Promise Land sort of speak. I think part of Brown's problem was dealing with the pressure and not being able to get his players to play loose and confident, but I believe Strong will be able to get the longhorns to do that through preparation and accountability.

Brandon Chatmon I think Charlie Strong's destiny will be decided off the field, not on it. In other words, I think Strong will be able to handle the football part of things very well but we won't know how he handles being the head coach at the University of Texas until he does it. If he can handle everything that comes with that, he should be fine. I personally think he will eventually get comfortable with the demands at UT.

Taylor (Denton, TX) Can Charlie Strong dominate recruiting in Texas like Mack was able to do for all those years? Also, will Texas have a top five class in 2015?

Brandon Chatmon I doubt it. But that's because I think Strong will be more diligent in recruiting guys who fit his team/program and who have not maximized their potential. It's not all about stars/rankings.

Chase (Dallas) Charlie Strong recently laid down the law at UT with a set of rules players will be forced to follow. Some are just fine and others seem excessive. Do you think UT will lose some players/commits?

Brandon Chatmon If they do, why would you want them? That's what I mean about securing guys who fit his program... And I liked the rules by the way, when you raise expectations, people tend to find a way to meet them if they really care.

Michael (Brewer) What am I doing?

Brandon Chatmon I was just about to ask the same thing Michael. But, hey, do you, Mike, do you.

Jeff (Tampa, FL) Mel Kiper has Justin Gilbert going #10 in his first mock draft? Isn't that a little high? Would you be surprised if he's taken at that spot in April?

Brandon Chatmon I don't think so. If Dee Millner can go No. 9, Justin Gilbert can go top 10. Millner isn't anywhere near the athlete that Gilbert is. And Gilbert has more upside too.

Jon (Santa Fe) Who do you like in the Tech-Arkansas game? and what do you think of Tech's recent non-conference scheduling?

Brandon Chatmon I'd lean toward Tech since they'll be at home. And I like the way the Red Raiders are adding some interesting non-conference games to their schedule. It will help with exposure and I think it shows Kliff isn't scared to compete against anyone. (Which we already knew)

RJ (OK) Brandon....you pooh-poohed my question a few weeks ago when i asked how many years of non-SEC natl. champs we'd need before we saw more equity in how the playoff works (i.e., no automatic bump to the top of the 1-loss teams for whichever SEC team has one loss). Well, the streak is now one....care to answer how many more we need?

Brandon Chatmon I'm going with zero, since the committee will be picking the four teams. I don't think the committee is just going to pick SEC teams only, there are too many smart, well-rounded people who will be in the conference room for that to happen.