Chat wrap: CFP, Heisman hopes, Rohach

Thanks for your questions during my chat, you can find the full transcript here.

Chris J (Houston): What's up Brandon "The Professional" Chatmon? Hope all is well. Do you think with a four-team playoff without an automatic bid from each conference and expanding to eight teams, that there will be an even bigger divide between the haves and the have-nots. (Case in point no way a one loss Baylor team makes it in over traditional powers with one loss).

Brandon Chatmon: "The professional" -- is that what it says on the back of my Miami Heat jersey? If so, I can live with that, a little long though ... but to answer your question I don't necessarily agree with that statement on Baylor. I'm going to wait for the committee to prove me wrong in that respect. I think we saw that with the BCS and that's part of the reason it is a committee, so that doesn't happen as often. So, short answer, I doubt it.

Mike (Stroud, Ok): To save time and questions, tell us what you know and suspect about the Thompson transfer.

Brandon Chatmon: Ask yourself the question: Is there anything he could have done to start the season opener in 2014?... there's your answer.

Patrick Fahlen (Tulsa): Who has the best shot to win the Heisman from the Big 12 this year!?

Brandon Chatmon: Bryce Petty

Pistol Pete (Stillwater): Brandon, the Pokes are 0-2 in Jerry's world, do they have any hope of ending the snide against Famous Jameis and the Noles?

Brandon Chatmon: I don't like stepping on people's hope, so I'm going to say a 1 percent chance. Keep hope alive, Pistol Pete, keep hope alive.

SS (Fort Worth): What do you make of the article about the lack of Big 12 underclassmen to the NFL? Is that a good thing that b/c kids are staying in school longer or a negative pointing out the lack of depth and recruiting in the Big 12?

Brandon Chatmon: I think it's overblown to make assumptions based off one year. If it was a five-year span, that's a little different.

Patrick (Florida): Everyone is so high on [Grant] Rohach being the QB for the Cyclones for next year. Am I missing something? Richardson was injured throughout the majority of the season and still posted arguably better numbers, or is Rohach better than I thought, even though he burned the worst defenses of the Big 12 in his last two wins?

Brandon Chatmon: I guess some people think his success was solely based on the defenses he was facing. I'm not one of those people.

Kris (Des Moines): As an OU fan, I am slightly worried about the UT hiring of [Charlie] Strong. Sounds like he is going to bring a more workmanlike attitude to Austin. My only hope is that the overprivileged boosters ruin him before he gets started.

Brandon Chatmon: You should be. Particularly when you look at the entire coaching staff he's put together.

Jake (from state farm): Jerrod Heard... What are your thoughts on him? Could he make a run for the job or if David Ash gets hurt? (likely)

Brandon Chatmon: First off, you sound hideous... Secondly, I like Heard. Of the guys UT has or will have, I like him the best, to be honest. I think he has a big-time future.