Chat wrap: Recruiting, Petty, Top 25 players

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Below is a sample of today's chat:

Clark Kent (Metropolis): I always hear about how great some facilities are between one school over another involved in recruiting. What are some parts of a Big 12 school like Texas have over Texas Tech?

Jake Trotter: Indoor facility for one. That's something Tech officials have been discussing lately.

Tyler (Fort Worth): What are your thoughts on TCU's recent recruiting success? Does it change anything in your mind about the 2014 season?

Jake Trotter: What will change my mind on TCU is if a QB emerges -- though maybe that player comes from the Class of 2014.

Eric (Ennis): Bryce Petty was seventh in the Heisman voting this past year. How do you think he will do this next year if he puts out the same numbers and wins?

Jake Trotter: The key for Petty will be to deliver a marquee performance in a marquee game. Carrying Baylor to victory in, say, Norman would really help. The problem for Petty is Baylor's nonconference schedule is lousy. People nationally might forget about him by the time October rolls around.

Coach Strong (Texas): I am losing commits Jake. What do I do?

Jake Trotter: Way more than I would have thought. I don't think it's a huge concern. That happens during coaching changes. But that also ramps up the pressure on Strong delivering in his 2015 class.

Kyle Hays: How do you think Texas Tech did overall on the recruiting trail considering this is Kliff Kingsbury’s first full season?

Jake Trotter: He's done well. An ESPN 300 player in CB Nigel Bethel -- he'll have a chance to play right away. Kingsbury has also done well at replenishing offensive skill talent with a pair of 4-star WRs and a 4-star RB. The juco haul has been solid, too. Tech should finish with a top 35 class, which is a great place to begin.

Brandon (Oklahoma City): How realistic of a possibility is it for OU to flip Deondre Clark's commitment from LSU?

Jake Trotter: His mom wants him to go to OU. And what mama says ...

Mike (Argyle, TX): Still interested in the Baker Mayfield thing. Do you think he will sit out or can he sue Tech? Thoughts?

Jake Trotter: I've gotten no indication he'd pursuing legal action. Last I was told, he's going to sit out this year, then have two seasons of eligibility left. Given what OU has at QB, it's very possible we'll never see Mayfield throw another pass in a game again.

Shawn (West Virginia): Have you seen any film on JUCO QB Skyler Howard, and if so, do you feel he is good enough to see meaningful field time while at WVU?

Jake Trotter: I haven't seen much of Howard. But I’ve seen plenty of Paul Millard and Clint Trickett. And based on that alone, I give Howard a chance.

Josh (Houston): What are your thoughts on Baylor's new Brazos Palace (stadium) opening up this year?

Jake Trotter: Think it's going to be awesome. Should be a game-changer for Baylor in recruiting and fan attendance.

Allan (Stillwater): I'm going to need you to go over your criteria for the Top 25 players in the Big 12. Having a kicker at 15, regardless of how good he is, seems ridiculous.

Jake Trotter: Anthony Fera was a consensus All-American. One of only six from the Big 12. To me, that warrants a spot in the Top 25, regardless of position.

Jake (Dallas): Baylor's offense looks ready to go. As far as the defense goes, I hope [it] can adjust without [its] leaders (Ahmad Dixon, Eddie Lackey). Those two ran the defense. Any idea who will take their place?

Jake Trotter: LB Bryce Hager is probably the most likely.

@flsku (Lawrence, KS): How much of a difference to you expect Mark Mangino to make in the Cyclones' offensive numbers?

Jake Trotter: He ought to make a huge difference. Mangino is an excellent coach, despite the way he went out at Kansas. I mean, he took Kansas to a BCS bowl, which is incredible to think about now. He was also the coordinator when OU won the national title in 2000. He has some pieces to work with, too, at least in my opinion. I could see Iowa State being fun to watch offensively next year -- and it's been a long time since Iowa State was fun to watch on offense.

Craig (Manhattan): It seems that Jake Waters has become the guy for Bill Snyder. What do you think is going to be Daniel Sams' role in the offense next year? He has to get more involved somehow, don't you think?

Jake Trotter: I agree. I would use Sams the way TCU used Trevone Boykin late last year -- as a receiver and a situational quarterback. Heck, you could even hand the ball off to Sams a couple times a game. To me, that's the biggest story line for K-State going into the spring: How to get Sams on the field.