Chat wrap: How good can Ash be?

HornsNation's Carter Strickland stopped by to chat Tuesday to answer questions about the Longhorns' spring practice, which starts on Thursday.

Here's the full chat.

Take a look at some of the best questions:

Jason (Frost): Are people judging David Ash too quickly he was only a true freshmen. Could you see him developing into a really good quarterback overtime. What are his biggest physical weaknesses.

Carter Strickland: I would start with the fact that he cannot throw the deep ball with any sort of accuracy. In high school he could just heave the ball up there and the 5-foot-6 DBs were unable to fend off the wide receivers. In college you have to be somewhat accurate. He does not use his legs well in the throw which is why he cannot throw it all that deep. He can be an adequate college QB if he fixes is mechanics. But highly doubt he will ever be more than that.

Orange Paladin (Corpus Christi, Tx): Who will be starting at DT this year- Brandon Moore, Malcom Brown, Chris Whaley,......?

Carter Strickland: I really like Chris Whaley. I think he has the feet, size and athleticism. Question is whether or not he has the motor and the hand skills. D tackles have to be very skilled with their hands. Moore is going to play a ton. They did not bring him in here to sit. Ashton Dorsey is the other guy you need to remember. He started last year and will be the favorite to start next to either Moore, Jackson or Whaley. Brown is going to be a backup.

Jordan Daniel (Evansville, IN): How is the development of Jackson Jeffcoat coming along? He was a big recruit for us and gave some quality playing time last year, do you see him as an All Big 12 type of player this year?

Carter Strickland: He had to have surgery on his chest muscle and will miss the spring. So that hurts a little bit. But he got much better later in the season. And even with the torn pec muscle he pulled down RG3 for a sack. He is going to be very good and will be fresher this season because Shiro Davis can come in and give him a breather.