Dan Jenkins opines about Big 12

Legendary sportswriter Dan Jenkins, who covered college football for Sports Illustrated for decades, offered several sharp opinions on Big 12 football, among other topics, in an interview with Texas Monthly magazine.

Some of the highlights from the Fort Worth, Texas, native:

On the Iron Bowl finish in 2013:

I would’ve liked to have been there. The SEC is where it’s really crazy, because they have nothing else in life. Just think about it, what in the name of God would Alabama be without the University of Alabama? What would Oklahoma be without the University of Oklahoma? Nothing. That’s why those people are so rabid.

On Texas coach Mack Brown:

I know Mack, and he’s a nice guy. I never thought he was a great coach. He’d have been gone sooner if it hadn’t been for Vince Young. Vince gave him a lot of years. It’s like our guy here (TCU head coach Gary Patterson) said, everyone thinks Texas is the greatest job in the world, but it’s not. The greatest job in the world is OU, because you’re isolated. You got no media to deal with. Down there in Austin, you got five million bosses. And the Joe Jamails and Red McCombses and Tex Moncriefs -- the big-money guys -- they’ll give you a while, but if you don’t give them what they want, you’re gone. (Bob) Stoops? He hasn't won a national championship since 2000 -- fourteen years ago. And he’s still there. See, he wins just enough. You know, 9-3, that sort of thing. 9-3 is always what coulda happened.

On money changing college football:

There’s so much money involved in the BCS, and now the playoff. I mean, can you imagine that because Baylor went to a bowl game, TCU will get a piece of the pie? It’s crazy. And there’s not one university in America that doesn’t care about money first. It should be TCU: Texas Corporate University. That part I hate.