Does Chevoski Collins have a Texas offer?

Did Chevoski Collins get a scholarship offer on Saturday?

Ask those involved in this conundrum and you’ll get differing accounts.

At the end of Texas’ junior day, the Livingston, Texas, athlete told multiple recruiting reporters he got an offer to play cornerback at Texas. Livingston coach Randy Rowe confirmed that claim on Saturday afternoon.

“They offered today,” Rowe said. “They’re taking him as an athlete. He feels thrilled to have several options and Texas is a great option. He’s got several things on the table and he’ll leave things open.”

As other visitors started granting interviews as they left town, a consensus quickly emerged. Offensive lineman Kent Perkins (Dallas/Lake Highlands) got an offer early in the morning as expected. No offers followed.

“No defensive backs got offered,” Sugar Land Dulles corner Maurice Smith said. “They said they will keep evaluating us.”

“They didn’t offer anyone,” West Mesquite receiver Eldridge Massington said.

As visitor after visitor reported they were going home without an offer -- and several of them didn’t think anyone besides Perkins got one -- questions quickly arose about the Collins’ offer.

A source close to the Texas program told HornsNation Collins did not get an offer, but that one could be on the way.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Collins got an offer in the next couple of days,” the source said. “[Duane] Akina and [Manny] Diaz liked [him] a lot.”

Collins did not respond to multiple interview requests on Saturday night. Reached again late Saturday night, Rowe said it was still his understanding that Texas had offered.

He assumed Saturday’s offer was just an official formality and that Collins already had a verbal offer going into the day.

“Coach [Darrell] Wyatt had come by our school and Bo [Davis] had too, and both of them said they wanted to offer and were going to offer,” Rowe said. “He’s happy about the offer and glad that Texas wants him.”

No matter how Collins and Texas coaches reached this misunderstanding, the issue should be a temporary one. Mack Brown and his staff are expected to get in touch with Saturday’s visitors on Sunday afternoon after they hold a meeting to discuss their impressions and plans from the day.

Offer or not, Rowe doesn’t expect Collins to feel pressure to immediately commit to Texas.

“You know, I really just talk to him daily about how he’s feeling and try to educate him," Rowe said. "My advice is what I’d give my own son: Listen to heart and to those who love you. Think about it and pray about it. When you get that hunch, go with it.”