Brown's Monday musings

A few tidbits from Mack Brown’s Monday on the Big 12 teleconference.

On whether it will be David Ash or Case McCoy this week:

"It has not changed. We are still evaluating it day to day. We will watch them throughout this week and make that decision probably on Friday."

Biggest talking point for the offense during the bye week:

"The biggest thing on offense is scoring in the red zone. We are not scoring points and that is what we have to improve to hang in there."

On defense:

"Just force more turnovers."

On Kansas:

"The first thing you see is very much like Iowa State last year. They have played maybe the toughest schedule in the country to this point. Every team they faced outside of the first two were undefeated when they played them."

"They are running the ball well. The quarterback is playing well. They have struggled some on defense but they are playing harder and more confident. They are big and strong and they can run the football."

On Texas Tech’s upset of Oklahoma

"About the time someone says that absolutely cannot happen it happens."

"All of us have been in one of those. When you have been in one that’s enough. That will keep your attention for the rest of them."

On SEC defensive linemen

"They're great defensively in general in the SEC. It is what has kept them consistently good at the end of the year."

Brown said one of the main reason he hired Stacy Searels from Georgia and Bo Davis from Alabama was because of the line play in the SEC.

"I want us to get back to those type lines of scrimmage and that is where we have to catch up."

On more production from the offense:

"We’re scoring 30 points a game and that is not enough."