Collins' standing with UT up in the air

Texas is slowing down recruiting plans when it comes to 2013 defensive backs.

One guy being affected is Chevoski Collins, the Livingston athlete who hasn’t said much publicly since attending UT's second junior day.

First, the big question that seemingly went unresolved during that junior day weekend:

Does Collins officially have an offer from Texas?

Collins believes he does hold an offer. Livingston coach Randy Rowe had been adamant in the past that Collins did. He has not spoken extensively with Texas coaches lately, though, and is not entirely sure now.

“They tell me they want him,” Rowe said. “I guess you can interpret that how you want. I’m in the same boat with you and not sure. But they want him. To me, I interpret that as yes, you have a scholarship.”

Texas and Oklahoma State are recruiting Collins to play safety, which is not his preference. The 5-foot-11, 185-pound junior sees himself playing receiver at the next level, and his recruiters from Oklahoma, TCU, Baylor and Texas Tech agree.

“I want to convince them I’m a receiver,” he said. “I can play both positions, so that didn’t bother me, but I’d rather play receiver.”

Rowe doesn’t think the position issue will be a dealbreaker when it comes to Collins’ decision.

“He just loves football. He’s as good defensively as offensively. I think when it comes down to it, that’s not going to be as big a factor as he thinks it is right now,” Rowe said. “He was excited when he left Texas. They shoot straight with him, like coach [Mack] Brown always does.”

As for where UT stands among his favorite schools, Collins said he’s keeping things wide open but was impressed by the junior day visit.

“It’s a really cool place,” he said. “They said they like the way I play the game and different things like that.”

Rowe said he senses the Longhorns are one of Collins’ favorites at this point and that his feelings haven’t changed much since his Austin visit.

“From being around him and talking to family, Texas is real high on the list,” Rowe said. “I know he was real excited about his trip there. Everything was first class, and he liked that.”

In addition to the Texas and Oklahoma schools, Collins has his eye on a few national powers right now: Notre Dame, LSU and Alabama. Rowe said LSU contacted Collins recently, and Texas A&M’s new coaching staff is just starting to enter the picture.

Rowe has advised Collins to take as much time as he needs before narrowing down his choices and coming to a decision. He doesn’t want to see Collins commit until he’s confident with his choice, and he didn’t think Texas coaches have been pressuring the junior for a pledge.

“It’s like I’ve heard Mack Brown say: When you make a decision and make it early, the dating is over,” Rowe said. “You’re married. And that’s exactly right.”