Chat leftovers: Hoops future, recruiting talk

HornsNation's William Wilkerson chatted with readers Tuesday. Here's the full transcript.

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Here are a few highlights from the chat:

EZ 28 (Davis, CA)

When do you think they will offer some in state DBs(Smith and Davis)?

William Wilkerson

Don't think it will happen today, but it could as Maurice Smith is expected to talk to Texas' coaches at some point today. Both of these players want to go to Texas. If the Horns want them they'll most likely get them. But the longer they wait, the more I can see either player, each with a plethora of offers, going elsewhere.

Dave (Colorado)

Any worries that none of these featured dbs/safeties commit to Texas because of the slow play/late offers??

William Wilkerson

I wouldn't be too worried if I were you. Look, all of these kids understand how Texas operates and unless you are a sure-fired All-American type you might have to wait on an offer. I think Smith and/or Davis will eventually be offered. I do admire Texas for putting so much stock in recruiting out-of-state safeties though.

Shane (San Marcos, Texas)

What are the chances of J'Covan Brown and Myck Kabongo leaving for the draft, and what do you think they will do? And what is the situation with Cameron Ridley and not signing his letter of intent yet?

William Wilkerson

I think J'Covan is all but gone, even though he hasn't officially announced anything yet. He'd have a hard time raising his draft stock any higher than it already is. Thought he showed a lot of maturity this year, which may have been a question mark for some NBA teams. Carter thinks Myck is about 75 percent gone to the NBA and I agree with him. As for Ridley, there have been rumors that he might reclassify to 2013. I haven't been able to confirm those rumors with Ridley's camp. He could also end all of the suspense by signing with Texas on April 11.

Megatron (Maryland)

It looks like (at least on paper) we are stacked with receivers, so why are we so intent on using Kendall Sanders as a WR? I saw Kendall Sanders play on the Army game and he is an absolute stud at the CB. He also has enough size to play safety (not sure about tackling ability), which means that he could potentially be our replacement for Vaccaro after the upcoming season. I'm not sure if he could beat out Shipley, Davis, and Goodwin this year but he can definitely compete for playing time as a DB (CB/S). Will Kendall Sanders remain listed as WR?

William Wilkerson

It's never a lock that what kids are told they are being brought in for is where the kid will end up playing. I understand your point completely but I do think Sanders has the ability to do some special, special things as a WR. That being said, he does have a nice frame and isn't afraid to rough you up. I'm not sure he would be the answer at safety but he could do some damage at corner too. I just think someone like Duke Thomas (another freshman already on campus) is better suited at corner.

C$ (S.D.)

Which recruits are expected in town for the spring game and of these who do u think will get an offer......and maybe commit?

William Wilkerson

Still working to confirm several names but there should be a hefty representation of committed and uncommitted players. I'll get a chance to speak with many of them this week in Dallas during the Elite 11 QB camp and Nike Camp at Cowboys Stadium.