Chat wrap: QBs, DB recruiting, J'Covan's decision

Carter Strickland stopped by SportsNation to answer a few questions about the latest hoops news, spring recruiting and the upcoming orange-white game.

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Here's a little bit of what you missed in the chat:

Stephen (Seattle, WA)

With Quandre going down but it not being serious, this basically opens the door for whose going to be the #1 backup corner for us. Who do you see filling that role?

Carter Strickland

Josh turner is seeing time at that spot. Josh played some last year and was pretty good backing up Carrington. He was being used in some nickel as well this spring. The other guy to watch is Duke Thomas. He is young but has very good upside. I think you have four corners who are very good with Quandre and Carrington being two of the best in the B12.

John McCrary (Willis, TX)

Is there rumblings that we might see another two quarterback system this season or has Ash moved out in front of McCoy? Also, why is Ra’Shaad samples not committing to Texas yet?

Carter Strickland

Ash is the man for quarterback. They like him and may bring Case in for some plays or the third series of the game but Ash is going to be the guy. Samples is an odd one. Thought he was very close to committing coming out of junior day and then he backed off. Not sure what the reasoning for that is other than he wants to explore all his options.

Chase (S.D.)

What are the chances we get a commitment at or a few days after the spring game? Who are the few most likely to commit if offered? How soon do you expect Akina's scholarship decisions?

Carter Strickland

Akina and the DBs have been the biggest mystery of the recruiting season. He has been so tight with those schollies. I'm thinking there will be one or two commitments in the week that follows the spring game. And one of those is going to be a corner. Luke is coming all the way from Arizona so that could be the guy.

David J (Sugar Land Tx)

Swoops did enough to get his "golden ticket", but how do you think he will do vs the top QBs in the nation at the Elite 11 camp in Cali? Also how excited should Horn football fans be for the future Young/Newton -like signal caller? I know we won’t see him for at least 3 seasons, but the big guy might bring back some excitement to the position.

Carter Strickland

Swoopes really struggled in the NFTC. He is just not there yet as a passer. So when he goes up against guys with big arms, he is going to look like he does not belong. But what he has is upside and that is why Texas recruited him. He just needs to work out a few things. All the tools are there. But Texas needs to get him in, redshirt him and work out his throwing motion.

Dylan (H)

Chances J'Covan comes back? If he improves his consistency and gets into better shape I could see him improving his draft stock into somewhere in the middle to late second round so why not come back?

Carter Strickland

I really do not think he will come back but have been very wrong before (see Myck Kabongo). I don’t think his draft status will go up any. He does not have the game that captures the imagination of NBA scouts. I'm not saying he can't make it in the NBA. But if he does it is going to be by getting a few 10-day contracts and catching the eye of someone. There are too many guys who can score just like he does who are 6-5 and fast.