Top incoming fresmen prospects

Chad Ford takes a look at some of the top incoming freshmen and their NBA prospects:

March Madness has been the primary stage for NBA draft prospects over the past few weeks. But with games on hiatus until Saturday, a huge contingent of NBA scouts and GMs traveled to Chicago this week to attend the practices for the McDonald's All-American game.

In the coming weeks the Nike Hoop Summit and the Jordan Brand Classic will also feature the top high school players in the country.

I spoke with a number of NBA scouts, along with our own recruiting guru, Dave Telep, this week about which of the players from the High School Class of 2012 might be NBA players some day.

The consensus from scouts is that this class isn't particularly strong -- especially at the point guard position. ESPNU doesn't have one point guard ranked in its Top 20.

Overall scouts felt that three or four players were serious one-and-done candidates and another five or six were potential NBA players down the road.

No. 9 on the list was soon-to-be Longhorn Cameron Ridley, here is Ford's analysis:

9. Cameron Ridley, F/C, Texas


Ridley struggled a bit in McDonald's practices, but he's one of the few true big men in the class. He's mostly an upside player right now and scouts may have to temper expectations for the time being. But given his size and skill level, he's got a chance down the road.

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