New look for Texas uniforms?

Fans clamoring for cool Pro Combat uniforms at Texas were greeted with some stunning news Thursday morning from the UT equipment department’s Twitter page (@UTexasEquipment).

The Longhorns have heard your cries for new wardrobes. They’ve come up with a better idea.

Instead of messing with decades of tradition, Texas has worked with Nike to craft brand new practice uniforms in three difference color schemes: white, burnt orange and black.

Ah yes, black. The color infiltrating nearly every college football team’s uni scheme -- Oregon, Florida State, Arizona State and Stanford, among others, have led the way there -- won’t make an appearance at DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium on Saturdays this fall. Instead, they’ll join a rotation of practice options.

The design of the jerseys is sharp and consistent with their most notable features being new shoulder designs and “Eyes of Texas” stamped on the back of the collar. This also means the Longhorns will add orange and black pants to their closet.

As the folks at UT equipment put it: “Since we have NO plans to change our game unis in the near future, we thought we would have fun with the PRACTICE uniforms for next year.”

The uniforms will be rotated during the fall so that every player gets to wear each one, but don’t expect to see them on players Sunday during the Orange-White spring game.

Think this all sounds silly and pointless? Keep this in mind: Every single recruit who takes a visit to a football program makes a stop at the equipment room. In there, every uniform combination is on display.

These days, recruits take this stop on their tour seriously. This is where Oregon and other trying-to-be-flashy schools get kids drooling.

New practice uniforms give Texas an edge in that department, and they do so without offending tradition-loving fans who don’t want to see them on Saturdays.

Check out these photos and concept drawings courtesy of @UTexasEquipment:

Black jersey

Orange jersey

White jersey

Black pants

Orange pants

"Eyes of Texas" collar

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