Board Meeting: March 29, 2012

Welcome to your daily Board Meeting. Each evening we’ll update you on the day’s hottest topics on the HornsNation forum.

1. Texas unveils new practice uniforms: Nothing seems to get people talking like messing around with traditions or team uniforms. The Texas football equipment staff set the Twitter world abuzz this morning by tweeting out photos of Nike Pro Combat-inspired practice uniforms that featured black, orange and white jerseys and pants to match. Cue the retweets and calls to radio shows. And message board posts. The response has been both positive and negative.

From katzinthecradle30: "Those uniforms are awesome … Great recruiting move."

Or from EZ 28: "They look ugly."

That hits how polarizing this topic is. The bottom line though is unless a version of these uniforms shows up on gameday at DKR, then maybe the furor will be necessary.

2. Looking back at the 2009 recruiting class: Carter Strickland looked back at the 2009 recruiting class from the fact that Kenny Vaccaro and Alex Okafor are the only senior starters on a class that was ranked No. 3 by ESPNU. Every recruiting class has misses, but this class seemed to strike at the heart of the issues that eventually caught up to Texas in 2010. Missed evaluations, linemen who didn’t contribute, and players who might not have been fully passionate about playing for the Longhorns.

The upside it that Vaccaro and Okafor are both very good players, but leave a comment about what you think went wrong in 2009 and maybe what’s been fixed since.

3. Poll: Who should get a statue at Texas next, regardless of sport?: Longhorns great and 1998 Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams will have a statue unveiled this weekend during the spring game festivities. HornsNation’s William Wilkerson wanted to know, if you the Longhorns fans were building statues, who would be next to get one.

Now, Texas is the very definition of an athletics program -- it is good at so many sports and has produced so many legendary athletes and coaches. The leader right now is Vince Young. No explanation really needed as to why, but Cat Osterman, Kevin Durant and Eddie Reese fans might want to hit the forum and let their voices be heard in this poll.

Remember, the forum is always open. Stop by and add your thoughts to some of these threads or start your own and talk with the HornsNation staff.