Chat wrap: Lots of QB talk

Sean Adams stopped by to talk with HornsNation. Sean covered a lot of topics, but mostly covered the upcoming spring game.

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Here are a few of the questions and answers:

Noah (Boston)

If the O-Line looks bad in the Spring Game, is that because they're not ready, or because the D-Line is that good? Also, why can't Texas pack the house for the Spring Game like SEC teams?

Sean Adams

I think the OL will be good in the spring game because I think they are a good group now. They have some things to learn and still need to grow as a unit but they are good. With the strength of both lines, I think we will see some wins and losses on both side. That is not a bad thing as you want to be able to continue to coach hard. Texas has a big house to fill for one. The only school that truly packs the house for spring games is Alabama. You'll always get that when you have a school in a 'no pro sports team' state. People care more in some ways because there is less to do and less divided loyalties. Texas will get a great showing on Sunday.

ron king (oklahoma)

Do you think the offense will be better with Ash full time? And will Steve Edmond be better than Keenan or Acho?

Sean Adams

Yes I think the offense will be better with Ash full time (if I understand your question). Case McCoy has made his play lately to show that he is growing in the position but I think most feel Ash has the higher upside. Edmond is a better natural fit for the position but Robinson and Acho are hard to replace. The three are different kinds of players so a comparison is tough. The good news for Longhorn fans is that Edmond is a perfit fit for what Manny Diaz wants to do with his defense.

Chase (S.D.)

I believe Texas has the best chance to win a Nat'l title in the next 3 years than anyone in the Big 12....your opinion? Who has a better chance in the country than Texas to win a title in the next 3 years if anyone?

Sean Adams

I agree with you. While I don't want to get ahead of anything, Texas is set up to do great things in 2013 and 2014 especially if they start to get premium play from the QB position. Alabama is loaded, Florida should be good even though I still have doubts about the OC hire and Ohio State will turn heads. LSU is LSU. USC is my pick in 2012.

Willow (Southside)

Have the Longhorns seen any impact yet on recruiting with A&M's move into the SEC supposed to make them a more viable alternative?

Sean Adams

I do not expect Texas recruiting to be changed one bit. Will Texas A & M get one extra kid per class against Texas? Maybe. But that's hardly a big impact.

Dave (Colorado)

Who do you think will win the Big XII? And what kind of strides do you predict for David Ash?

Sean Adams

If I had to call it right now I would say Oklahoma. Texas has a better defense but until I know more about the Texas QB, I'm making the call for OU. It is very close though and will hinge on the QB position for Texas. I would say OU right now based on their experience at QB. It is actually very close between KSU, WVU, Texas and Oklahoma though. Ash can make huge strides. I just want to see it first.

If you missed a chance to chat with Sean, he'll be chatting again next Friday at 11 a.m. CT.

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