Board Meeting: April 6, 2012

Welcome to your daily Board Meeting. Each evening we’ll update you on the day’s hottest topics on the HornsNation forum.

Durant, OKC: Carter Strickland asked who you would rather start your NBA franchise with: KD, LeBron, Kevin Love, Anthony Davis or Blake Griffin.

Lots of different choices between scorers, big men and athletic freaks. Kevin Durant is a scoring machine, but it is hard to go against LeBron James. Yes, he has had trouble being clutch in the fourth quarter, but he is the most physically gifted player in the NBA. He also can carry a team by himself like he did with Cleveland.

However, if Durant makes a run to the finals or a title, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. What do you think?

Favorite Ricky Williams memories: Carter Strickland took a look at where Ricky Williams is now. He has a statue at DKR, but he has also returned to Texas as a student.

It’s just the latest chapter in the ever-evolving story of Ricky Williams. However, you can’t mention his name without conjuring up vivid memories of his career at Texas and the highlights he produced. We’re asking you for your favorites.

Poll: Way-too-early football predictions: Spring is over but it’s never too early to take some guesses about how the Texas football team will finish next season.

We asked, you answered. Most voters have Texas as a BCS at-large team. Mess817 thinks this will be a season where Texas starts a new streak of 10-win seasons. It is certainly a possibility to get to 10 wins, but the Longhorns have to get through a tough early Big 12 schedule and it will be the performances against OSU, OU, West Virginia and TCU that will turn the season. If Texas splits those four, the chances of a BCS berth go up.