Chat wrap: More offers to come?

HornsNation's Max Olson stopped by to chat Tuesday.

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Here is some of what was talked about in the chat:

Brady (Austin)

Who do u see as the next Texas commitment?

Max Olson

Give me Maurice Smith on this one. He is going to Alabama on Saturday, though, and will witness the Crimson Tide play their A-Day spring game in front of 90,000+. He should be much closer to a decision after the weekend.

Stephen (Seattle, Wa)

I see Bergeron being the starter, Malcolm being a heavy asset and Gray taking over the Wild as the new Fozzy. Your takes?

Max Olson

Good take, though Wild is still very up in the air. Get ready, folks. This is the kind of stuff everyone will be bickering about this fall: Did Bergeron get enough carries? Should Brown be the starter? Why isn't Gray getting more snaps? Comes with the territory of having so many good backs.