Chat wrap: Texas and the ESPN 150

William Wilkerson stopped by SportsNation to chat about the release of the ESPN 150 and Texas recruiting.

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Here is some of the best from the chat:

David (Mansfield Ohio)

It’s hard to say whether or not Smith really has Bama as his top school over his "dream school" Texas, or if he is just making Texas sweat it out after waiting so long to offer. After this happening what are the chances that Texas offers in-state safeties Baltimore and/or Miles in case they miss on both Bell and Harris? Also how serious of a shot does Texas have at Nkemdiche since he wants to visit and knows Searels? Or is this replay of QB Winston from last year?

William Wilkerson

The Smith situation is hard to read. I think Texas waited a little too long to offer him, but they had their reasons for waiting. The allure of A-Day (Bama's spring game) may linger for a while but I think he will ultimately decide with his "dream school." As for offering Baltimore and/or Miles. Balt's mom wants him to go to Texas. She loved the Longhorns. But there hasn't been much communication between the two sides and I'm not sure how kindly he is going to take to being a "fall back" plan in case the national guys don't commit. Same with Harris. As for Kin-dee-chee, he wants to visit. But I don't think much would come from it.

Josh (Va)

Will, Got a couple for ya. Bama is leaning on Maurice Smith and he seems to be leaning back, that looking like a goner for us if so that means Akina is going after who? Next this Nkemdiche I read about him and his interest. Is that due to us making contact and showing interest towards him or did he reach out towards us with the comment of wanting to visit and see what we got? In either case since it might end up being mutual likeliness does he get Texas to give him and offer and real him in? Go!

William Wilkerson

Josh, I got a few answers for ya. To answer your first one, Akina still has Antwuan Davis to worry about. They are still keeping tabs on Cole Luke, but I'm not so sure how thrilled he is about UT after coming all the way here for the spring game and not receiving an offer. Nkemdiche has expressed his interest with Texas through Twitter. Searels has made contact with him. But they are in the beginning stages right now. Texas would have a lot of ground to make up in a short time if they want a chance at the top player in the country. I think Texas will certainly extend an invite to a game next season.

Stephen (Seattle, WA)

It would be nice to see Texas play a team like Ohio State again or maybe another Top 25 team in the Non conference part of the schedule any chance we see that happen again?

William Wilkerson

Texas will begin a home-and-home with Notre Dame in 2015 (@ South Bend) and then again in 2019-20. Texas will also play a home-and-home with USC starting in 2017. First game is at USC.

Stephen (Seattle, WA)

Shiro Davis, Dalton Santos or J Gray which one do you think will have the most impact?

William Wilkerson

J Gray is far and away the best high school player I have ever seen. His ability to catch out of the backfield on top of everything else he can do, in my mind, makes him the guy in this question. I do think the other two will have a chance to make names for themselves though.

Steve Shrull (Richardson, Texsas)

What is the latest with #1 overall rated DE Nkemdiche wanting to visit Texas and why wouldn't Mack do everything possible to recruit him?

William Wilkerson

Recruiting isn't cheap and it's very time consuming. Yes, his interest in Texas seems to be there. But is it enough for the Longhorns to expend resources on him when he seems to have a pretty comfortable top few schools, when Texas could be spending that time on players they've already offered? It's a question they'll need to answer soon.

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