ESPN 150: Behind the scenes

Much goes into the scouting and preparation of each year's initial ESPN 150 recruiting rankings. There's also a method to the madness when it comes to determining which players go in what spots.

RecruitingNation's Tom Luginbill and Craig Haubert take you inside the process:

  • ScoutingVideo:

    ESPN Senior Recruiting Analyst Tom Luginbill explains the national vs regional approach to recruiting for ESPN Recruiting, and why the positional approach is the best method.

  • TimelineVideo:

    Luginbill explains the timing process for the release of the ESPN 150 rankings, and when ESPN Recruiting will begin to have two recruiting rankings active at the same time.

  • ResourcesVideo:

    Luginbill gives you a look at how ESPN Recruiting evaluates players, and what kind of resources they have at their disposal.