Sean Adams chat wrap

Sean Adams stopped by SportsNation to chat about the Longhorns, the NFL draft, and much more.

Here is what you missed:

Michael Twining (Austin)

Is Garrett Gilbert going to make us jealous next year?

Sean Adams

I don't know if he is going to make Texas fans jealous but I do believe that he is going to play well. Sometimes a fresh start is huge for people in sports and in life. As a fan of the student-athlete, I'm excited to see if he can live up to his own promise and become the type of quarterback he wants to be. Forget what everyone else wants him to be. He needs to be strong and good for himself.

Terry (Austin)

Best QB in the Big 12?

Sean Adams

That one is pretty easy right now. Geno Smith had huge numbers at West Virginia last year. 4,385 yards, 31 TDs, 7 INTs, 65.8 percent. He has to be the No. 1 right now and I would expect him to be first team All-Big 12.

Scott (Austin)

We heard before the 2010 and 2011 seasons that Texas would pound the ball in the running game, and that seemed to be true against weaker teams, but was unreliable against better competition. Should we be worried they will put up 400 yds against Tech and KU but have a lot of third and long against OU and the top tier? Why will it be different this year?

Sean Adams

The offensive line will be better and the RB's will be healthy. I think the team will be more consistent because the pieces are in place. I can't say enough how much the offensive line will be better than previous years, even 2009 when Texas played for the national championship.

Lake (Vallejo, CA)

What are your thoughts on Brock Huard's ranking of QB U?

Sean Adams

Love Brock but he is more of a Pac 12 homer than me and that is hard to be. Having USC, Stanford and Oregon on that list is funny. USC is number 1, easily. Amazes me that he left off Texas and Oklahoma. Arkansas can probably make an argument as well.

Nick (Cal)

Is Texas gonna remain part of the Big 12 for the future?

Sean Adams

I think they will be part of the conversation for a while. The situation is great for Texas and as Oklahoma continues to build its brand, they will continue to branch in the media space. The dollars are right, the autonomy is right and Texas will be in the Big 12 for a long time.

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