Chat wrap: Draft talk and recruiting

Carter Strickland answered questions from Texas fans nationwide hitting on the draft, a litlte football and some recruiting updates.

Here are some of the best questions:

Ez 28 (Davis, CA)

If Maurice Smith and Marcell Harris don't commit, who do the coaches go after then? Any more news on Samples?

Carter Strickland

Well it does look like smith is leaning toward Bama but there is a long way to go in that battle. Harris has remained neutral about where he stands but again he is in Florida so luring him away could be tricky. There are still guys out there like Vonn Bell, although he is a Georgia lean, Davis down in Bastrop, Kameron Miles at Mesquite, George Baltimore at Mansfield, Cole Luke in Arizona. so Texas has options. Samples is going to be a wait and see guy.

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

What Longhorn do you think will be a Great NFL Rookie in 2012?

Carter Strickland

I really don't see this class as making much of an impact in the NFL as rookies. I think Acho could be good special teams player and maybe he makes a highlight there. But other than that it is a pretty flat class.

Nicholas74230 (CC, tx)

Out of the 3 backs Texas will have this season in Berg, Brown and Gray, how do you see the carries being shared? Do you see a 3500 rushing yard season??

Carter Strickland

I like Bergeron because i think he is going to be more durable. I see maybe 2,400 yards out of the run game in 2012. Could be more. But that is basically 80o yards a player. That is realistic.

ron king (oklahoma)

if ash struggles how many games do you see texas winning?.......and how good is tevin jackson??

Carter Strickland

I like Cobbs better than Jackson. Just more speed and can do more in the blitzing packages Diaz likes. Tevin is a good backer he just is not quite as good an athlete as Cobbs.If Ash struggles Texas wins eight. If he excels they win 10.

jackson (texas)

i know there is talent on the defense but just how good do you think they will be?...dominating?

Carter Strickland

They were the No. 11 defense in 2011. They are better this year and do not have to face RGIII. I'm thinking top 10 at least.

Stephen (Anderson)

5 tries... Who do you take?Bergeron running over Edmond or Edmond making the stop?

Carter Strickland

Edmond. Bigger (260), longer arms and stronger.

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