Board Meeting: April 24, 2012

Welcome to your daily Board Meeting. Each evening we’ll update you on the day’s hottest topics on the HornsNation forum.

1. NFL draft -- Texas: Carter Strickland crunched the numbers regarding the dearth of Longhorns selected in recent NFL drafts. The Longhorns might not have an offensive player drafted and will surely wait until late Friday to have anyone taken at all.

It comes down to development. Recruiting hasn’t dried up and neither has the ample exposure that helps get players known. It’s the same problem plaguing the current Texas teams. Too many misses and players who were not coached well enough or did not live up to their potential.

A good parallel is Miami. The Hurricanes dominated the early part of the decade and had loads of first round picks. As the program slipped on the field, and coaches weren’t maximizing their recruits, the losses came and the draft picks were fewer.

What are your thoughts?

2. Alex Silver and more Texas baseball: William Wilkerson wrote a great story last week about Alex Silver and his battle with cancer. He’s back on the diamond and dominating as the Longhorns’ first baseman.

If that weren’t enough, Texas is winning. The Longhorns took another Big 12 series last weekend against Kansas and are 7-1 in mid-week games.

3. Three Texas greats still searching for NFL teams: Vince Young, Roy Williams and Cedric Benson. All Longhorns legends and all currently unemployed. Now, all that might change once the draft is finished and teams begin filling their rosters before minicamps begin, but that doesn’t mean any of the three will be big-time players.

Cedric Benson will certainly catch on with a team. Even with numerous off-field issues haunting him, he produces, and that is what counts most in the NFL. He’s proven to be a good workhorse back and could certainly find a spot in a rotation on some team.

As for VY and Williams, William Wilkerson asked what gives? Roy Williams was probably exposed in Dallas. He is not a No. 1 receiver, but as William points out, he could be a serviceable short yardage guy.

VY? Who knows? He is mercurial and turnover prone. Those are not good things for a quarterback. He had a good situation in Philadelphia and didn’t make much of it and looks destined to bounce around as a backup.

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