Unlikely source for NFL starters

College football insider Brad Edwards crunched the NFL draft numbers and waded through the approximately 250 players who are selected each year to find out which schools are producing the most talent.

The emphasis, as you've probably noticed, is on the first 20 to 30 picks.

That's when the big names -- the players believed to be future faces of franchises -- are all taken. Of course, there are also a few players with first-round talent who slide into the second round, and a lot of fans still watch this part of the draft with interest, hoping their team will scoop one up and perhaps steal the next Drew Brees or Maurice Jones-Drew.

By the time the third round comes along, however, the television viewers are no longer hanging on every pick. Most of the selections aren't even being announced live for the broadcast audience, as the conversation on set shifts to team needs, overall class evaluations and interviews with coaches.

The late rounds can often be money rounds for NFL teams, especially those who know their system and roster and can develop players.

Edwards found some interesting results in his research. To find out the schools, read the full story hereInsider.