Chat wrap: DB debate, football improves

HornsNation's William Wilkerson stopped by SportsNation to chat about the NFL draft, Texas football and of course some recruiting updates.

Here are some of the highlights:

Spence (Dallas)

How soon do you see Davis committing? Are our chances with Wilson good since we are in final two (Oregon and Texas)? Been too long since a committ. I am going crazy... I hate offseason.

William Wilkerson

Been a little slow on the recruiting front, eh? I know he is tied up with track right now; qualified for the state meet. So i definitely don't see it happening before that is over. I do, however, presume he'll make his decision before next season starts. I think Texas' chances are decent with Wilson simply because of the proximity to home. I think he'd already be committed to Oregon if it weren't so far away. He took an extended trip out there weeks ago to make sure he could handle it. But a few days is much different than a few years. That being said, I know he doesn't like the idea of being a "DJ Monroe" guy for Texas. He wants to be an every-down back, and there might not be room at Texas for that.

Nicholas (CC,Tx)

Long shot here, if Gray comes right out of the gates and out performs Berg and Brown without question, or vice versus, do you see us nominating an exclusive back in our future or are we sticking with the plan of watering down our stars?

William Wilkerson

No. I think this offense will continue with the three-back set regardless of if another RB begins to shine. Now, if that back completely dominates, eh, surely he'll get more carries. But all three are so explosive in their own rights I just find it hard to believe that Harsin-Applewhite wouldn't find ways to get them involved.

David (Mansfield, Ohio)

After the latest DB update it mentioned that Texas may be the leader for M. Harris, what are the chances that we land him out of those offered thus far? And if we do not gain a commit from V. Bell who will they offer next, Miles or Baltimore? And after being in the lead for Davis and Smith, how does Texas stand with them now?

William Wilkerson

I have always thought Texas' chances with Harris were better than average, and I think they'll get no worse than that. I'd put Texas up there with Florida as the teams to beat. I'll lean toward Miles. I think GB ends up in the SEC. Smith likes Alabama a whole lot right now. I think Texas is in some trouble. Not so much with Smith.

Stephen (Seattle, WA)

What do you think will be the biggest difference from last years success to this years?

William Wilkerson

First and foremost just the comfort level the players and coaches have with each other. Always difficult for a new coaching staff to come in. Second, I think Texas simply has better players on this roster than last.

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