Chat wrap: Arrests, recruiting and more

HornsNation's Carter Strickland stopped by SportsNation for the weekly discussion of Texas sports.

Here is some of the best from Tuesday's chat:

Grecian (Houston, TX)

Any updates on the recent arrests? Likely implications?

Carter Strickland

There is just going to be some extra running and finger-wagging at those guys by the coaching staff. This was not a serious offense and Brown will use it as a teaching tool for the team.

Chase (S.D. )

Texas has 14 commits at this point. Say we add Rhodes, and Collins in the near future to put the number to 16. How many more scholarships will we take in this class and whom do you see getting us to that number? Are Harris or Bell legit options? Can you see any other offers being handed out with such limited numbers available?

Carter Strickland

I think Texas goes to 20 or 21 with this class but could massage the numbers and go up if they needed to by using grayshirts. It's always a very risky numbers game at the end for all these coaching staffs and Texas is going to have some flexibility.Bell I think is a UGA guy. Harris is going to have a hard time not going to Florida.Miles is a guy to watch for an offer in the late stages of the game.

Stephen (Seattle, WA)

What do you expect from the TCU and WVU football games this upcoming year? big win, loss, close game??

Carter Strickland

Both are at DKR so I think Texas has a big edge there.I think they are both wins. If they were road games I would say Texas splits them.

Stephen (Seattle, WA)

If David Ash is the "manageable" qb that we expect this yr..any chance we have 3 1000yr rushers?

Carter Strickland

Nope. Maybe one 1,000 rusher and two other guys who have 750 yards running and catching. That's still pretty good.

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