Chat wrap: Adams on realignment & more

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Here's some of what was talked about:

Xavier Flores (Denver, CO)

If FSU joins the Big12 would Clemson follow or would Louisville be brought in?

Sean Adams

Clemson has a bigger football brand but Louisville is worth more. They have a higher revenue than FSU, Clemson, West Virginia and TCU. In the last decade they have been ranked high in football, gone to a final four and been to the college world series.

Eric (Culver City, CA)

We're being sold the idea that the 2012 version of David Ash will be a conservative game manager who won't turn the ball over and will occasionally pick up first downs with his legs. Are we buying in because it's likely to happen, or merely because it is palatable?

Sean Adams

I think it will be more than that for Ash. If Texas wins and wins big, Ash will have to make 3-5 big time plays verses Oklahoma, TCU and West Virginia. If he is the game manager that you describe Texas will go 7-5 or 8-4. I expect him to be much more than that.

SportsGuyMike (Austin,TX soon Colorado Spring, CO)

Tougher game for Texas Football this year. TCU or Oklahoma?

Sean Adams

Oklahoma. They will test the defense at Texas more than TCU will be not by much. Go ahead and throw West Virginia in there too

Major Applewhite (The Bullpen)

Are Hornsnation writers actually allowed to speak Chris Simms name? I thought that was blasphemous in Austin.

Sean Adams

LOL, come on man. I was on the sideline at the end of the BCS game against Alabama and turned around and saw Simms. He was rocking a Texas sweatshirt. I said, "Look at you. Glad to see you." His reply, "Come on man, I support my guys." He is one of the nicest players I've ever worked with.

Tony (Richmond, CA)

How excited should Big XII fans be about the annual matchup with the SEC in a bowl game? Will this mirror the old Big 8 Orange Bowl games of the 80s that always had national championshp implications if it didi not determine the champion.

Sean Adams

I think people should be crazy excited although I want to see the specifics of the game. The champions from both leagues are usually playing for the championship. So I want to see the timing, what happens with the conference championship game and the implications of the 4-team playoff.

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