Chat wrap: Commits, scouting Friday Night Lights

Did you miss our chat with Max Olson? Where were you? We've got the highlights:

Chris (Houston)

Ifl Texas gets 1 more CB commitment before Maurice Smith's decision at the UA game do we still let Smith have a committable offer? Or are we only taking 2 corners?

Max Olson

I have a hard time seeing Texas pulling its offer for Maurice Smith. I know Texas coaches believe he's the real deal. At the end of the day, if Mack wants to fudge the numbers and take another corner, he'll do it. Texas should have some guys enrolling early, so that will help the number crunch too.

Todd (Austin, Tx)

Does Shiro Davis see some playing time as a pass rush specialist? Or, Will he be an every down defensive end?

Max Olson

Just had a nice long talk with Shiro last night. Our freshman Q&A on him runs later this week. He told me he's mostly going to be a DE, but he's so fast that Diaz will let him drop back at times. Pass rush specialist is probably an apt term for his first year, at least as long as Okafor and Jeffcoat stay healthy.

Stephen (Seattle, WA)

How much playing time will Dalton Santos really get? but i love his attitude coming in, i just dont know if he can hang with Edmond.

Max Olson

I wouldn't be surprised at all if Santos is the kind of guy who gets his first big break by knocking guys' heads off on special teams.

Mando (Houston, TX)

Max, why doesn't Texas go after Nkemdiche, the #1 overall recruit? I have heard him several times say that everyone should look out for Texas as a possible dark horse to land him, yet I have not seen or heard anything on Texas pushing hard for him. I know it will be hard to lure him away from Bama, but he himself has already said Texas has a chance. Or you think he just likes the attention?

Max Olson

First off, yes, I think he loves the attention. The guy wouldn't frequently update his top 6-8 list on Twitter and ask Texas fans to follow him if he was sick of the attention. Go watch the interview Nkemdiche did with our Georgia site over on RecruitingNation.com for the latest on his interest in Texas.

Here's what's up with Nkemdiche: He'll visit Alabama, LSU and (surprise) Mississippi State in the next few months, then likely make a decision. Will he still take officials in the fall? Wouldn't shock me. I just don't know that Texas will get one of them. He's basically admitted his only ties to Texas are Stacy Searels and he doesn't know much about Mack or the program.

Lincoln (Austin)

Please rank these players based on college potential: Jason Street, Matt Saracen, Voodoo Tatum, J.D McCoy and Vince Howard.

Max Olson

1) Jason Street before his injury. Would've been a Heisman winner. 2) Vince Howard, if he's in the right offense 3) JD McCoy 4) Voodoo Tatum (potential eligibility issues) and 5) Saracen.

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