Bonus Q&A with Brown and Cole

Incoming freshmen Malcom Brown and Tim Cole had a lot to say.

In bonus coverage with their Q&A, the duo answered more about why they chose Texas.

HornsNation: When your recruiting process was winding down, most people thought you both were deciding between Texas and Texas A&M. Both schools are less than 90 miles from Brenham. You ended up making the same choice. What do you remember about that final decision?

Malcom Brown: We both came to the same conclusion. We listed our top five schools, because [Brenham] coach [Glen] West told us to do that, and wrote some closing comments about them and then basically go from there. I kicked Texas A&M out and mine came down to Texas and Oklahoma, because Oklahoma sends more DTs to the NFL than A&M. And then it was about distance – if I went to Oklahoma, who would come see me play? Texas is not too far but far enough way from Brenham that I can stay out of trouble and stuff. That’s what mine came down to.

Tim Cole: Mine was basically the same thing. I looked at my top schools and found the pros and cons. I threw A&M out just because the fact I didn’t feel comfortable there. I liked the linebackers coach but I didn’t feel 100 percent comfortable there. I liked A&M, but there was just something about every time I went to Texas. I got this feeling I needed to be there.

HN: When you two committed, Texas was coming off a 5-7 season. What was it that made recruits want to come to Texas despite those struggles?

TC: I feel like you don’t look at what you’ve done today. I look at what you can make out of it. I felt like the previous class they had and the class we have now, we can get Texas back to winning national championships. The graduating senior class this year, everyone got better. I feel like at Texas I’m going to develop myself as a player more so than at A&M.

I feel like A&M was looking for, I guess, a sense of where they belong. They didn’t know where they belonged so that’s why they moved to the SEC. They’re trying to attract people to playing in the SEC. Little do they know, you have to actually win in the SEC. I feel like, recruiting-wise, it’s going make it harder on them if they’re not winning.

If you want to go to an SEC school, at least go to a school where they win. Just going to the SEC doesn’t really mean anything. Losing in the Big 12 is the same thing as losing in the SEC. You’re still losing.

MB: I think with them going to the SEC, they’re still recruiting Texas people and Big 12 people but I think SEC and Big 12 recruiting is different. If they want to do anything, they’re going to have to change their recruiting first.