Chat wrap: Recruiting and going old school

Did you miss Tuesday's chat with HornsNation's William Wilkerson? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Here are some of the best bits from the chat:

Chris Fiegler (Latham,NY)

What is the worst Texas Longhorns Football Team do you remember since they were in existance?

William Wilkerson

They were 1-8 in 1938 with Dana X. Bible at the helm. Pretty sure Carter covered that team.

Josh (Va)

Hey, Dub dub... This juco TE, is he coming this way? Going to get an offer? Wouldn't hurt to bring the exp and seperation for the new younger inexperienced TE's would it? Next C Luke, if this is the one hes been waiting for why not commitment yet? He a little salty about not getting offered sooner? Last the fella out of La whose father pretty much said hell has to freeze over before his son goes to LSU; are they looking to get him an offer?

William Wilkerson

What's good Josh. Unclear right now if Beau will get one, but I think his odds are good. Don't think Texas is sold on either Gow or Gaines and if they want another TE then Sandland might be its best option. As for Luke, I think that's probably the case. Noel Ellis will get an offer if he impresses at the June 3 camp.

Jaston (Texas)

Following up the story today about Ronald Monroe, Who do you think the better QB is in 2014 in Texas, Monroe or Jerrod Heard?I I think it is Heard because he sets his feet really well and makes good passes right on the moneey and only uses his legs when he needs to and is faster than Monroe.. Your Take???

William Wilkerson

I'd like to reserve my answer until I see more of them this fall. But if I have to give you an answer right now I'd say Heard. I really like his frame right now. Its got a lot of room to grow in the coming years. Another factor is the level of competition he is playing in. Those are high powered contests every Friday. Amd I agree with you about using his feet only when needed. That's a good sign from such a young player.

DeLoss Dodds (The Big Chair)

Should I start looking for new head coach if Rick Barnes doesn't lead the Horns basketball team to at least the Sweet 16?

William Wilkerson

So much of the NCAA Tourney, and the success teams have in it, is based on how their path to the Final Four is laid out. If Texas gets a favorable first weekend then it should have the talent, and be seasoned enough at that point in the season, to reach the second weekend. But I don't think it would be time for Barnes to go after that. My reasoning: Texas is without question the prime spot for talent in 2013. Two of the top three players in the country and four of the top nine reside within the border. Barnes, and his staffs ties within the state, are going to be key to getting at least one of them. Wouldn't be wise to move him for that reason alone because I think Keith Frazier, Julius Randle and some of those other in-state players are game-changers.

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