Burnt Orange Breakdown: No. 5 Aaron Benson

Over the next two months, HornsNation, will analyze each of the scholarship layers currently on the Texas roster. (The bulk of the 2012 class is not currently on the roster.) We will look at the player’s past contributions, what he might do for Texas this year and the future impact he could have on the program. Starting with No. 1 Mike Davis we will go through the roster numerically before ending with No. 99 Desmond Jackson.

No. 5 Aaron Benson

Linebacker, 6-2, 233, sophomore

Impact so far

Benson redshirted his first year and didn’t see much action behind the trio of veteran linebackers in 2011 He did play in seven games and, in three of those, got on the field as a part of the defense. He made a tackle in the season-opener against Rice and also in the blowout at Iowa State.

Impact in 2012

Once again it is going to be very difficult for Benson to get on the field in 2012. Texas is set with its three starters at linebacker -- Jordan Hicks, Steve Edmonds and Demarco Cobbs. There are positions open behind those three but it is going to be a fight between Tevin Jackson and several of the incoming freshmen for those spots. The positive for Benson is that he knows the system better than the freshmen will. But he was not an impact player in the spring so he has some work to do when fall camp rolls around.

Impact 2013 and beyond

Benson should be a very capable backup for Texas in the future. While he does not have the speed or instincts of some of the other players at linebacker he is a smart player who understands what Manny Diaz wants out of his linebackers. If there are any injuries or players leave early Benson can provide a stopgap service for Texas at linebacker.